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  • I am CD 20 not had a peak yet on CBFM but on 2nd day of highs. I have been told thoght that in your first month of using it you sometimes dont get a peak while it gets used to you. Anyone any ideas
  • sorry mrs mel i dont use them so cant help on that on cd 16 tho so looks like we will all be poas addicts together lol x
  • Oooo I would love a January baby , a fab start to 2011!! I am currently on CD18 but no sign of Ovulation yet image Really not impressed!!

    Baby dust to all xxxxxxx
  • Hi everyone. I am on CD21 so am in my 2ww. Bit worried i might have missed it this month. Really confused. This is my first month ttc after a miscarriage. I think my cycle used to be 30 days. I got some spotting on CD 16, 17 and 18 and EWCM on CD 17, 18 and 19 but only BD on CD 16 and 17. I have been trying to work out which day I probably ov'd and have read it is usually after seeing EWCM so I am worried that i should have BD on CD 19, 20 and 21 which we didnt. AAHH!!! And my hubbie wants me to have a few drinks tonight but I am paranoid about doing that just incase I am by some slim chance pregnant. Oh I am sooo confused. I hate this waiting game. Does anyone think I have a chance this month or did I BD too early??

  • hi not really sure about ovulation but i do know that the sperm lives in your body for up to 7 days so i dont think that should matter i hope its your month when are you testing? x

    bubs please hope youget your bfp too are you using opk? x
  • OMG!!!! i cant believe it!!!!!! DAMMIT!! Well we've defo missed the 2010 baby boat!!!!!

    aaaaaaaaarrrrgh!! Roll on 2011....(its so hard to say/type..)
  • Hi KIMLOU, yes I am testing this month, im guessing AF should show up around 24th so if It hasnt turned up by then I will probably test on 30th!! If I can hold out that long. I always say I'll wait until a few days after AF due date and end up testing about DPO10 LOL!!!

  • Hey KIMLOU, I have been using the digital CB and did not get my smiley ... this does not make me smile! I used my last one yesterday and have not brought anymore. I will continue to BD and keep my fingers crossed that something happens!

    Lets hope we get our BFP's soon ladies. TTC is so hard

  • Hiya MrsMel and *me*
    Im 10dpo today so will be testing at the same time as you guys! Will be due NYE too! Sure that will be fun going in to labour on NYE!!!
  • SHYRO i know what you mean 2011 seems so far away doesnt it

    JACQUID i think were all testing around the samw time then, fingers crossed x

    BUBS PLEASE thats what im doing just bding and hoping for the best, good luck x

    MRSALLAN hop you get your bfp keep us posted x
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