Hospital on Sunday ....

Hi lovely ladies,

Well... what I thought was AF last Thursday was just a one hour bleed (just like the week before), then absolutely nothing, but every time OH and I BD I bleed, and have god awful abdominal pains most of the time now.

I tried to talk to my doctor about it after the first episode, who just dismissed me, and said she would send me for a scan at some point - which I didnt feel too comfortable with to be honest!

Upshot is I begged the nurse in my surgery to fax me a scan referral form, and went to the ultrasound department myself yesterday morning, and talked to the most lovely nurse, who upon seeing that I was about to burst into tears wangled an internal ultrasound on SUNDAY!! I'm so pleased I was pro-active and didnt just wait on my doctor, I could be waiting come Christmas!!

I really hope they dont find anything "wrong" ... and that my coil hasn't left too much scarring etc ... I'm nervous, but so thankful that I am being seen so quickly.

Sorry for essay - just have no one else to really talk to about this ttc lark - and OH is trying to be supportive bless him, but its not the same LOL ..



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