EWCM question

Hi There

I havnt had any cm so far and yesterday was cd12 then i noticed last night after popping to the loo that i had some cloudy stretchy cm....then this morning ive had some ewcm....im dnt know ifs this a good sign but i remember reading that its a good sign for ov...am i right? If so how long have i got to catch that eggy?



  • I'd get going if I were you - 12 - 24 hours maybe 36?
  • Nows the time, as soon as possible today or tonight. Know its yukky but lay flat and stay still for a while after, it will help keep the little swimmers in the right direction!
  • We bd'd yesterday morning and OH isnt home from work till later so shall wud it be better to get another bd in
  • theres no harm in getting another bd in, the more the better i say!!! i hope you catch that egg! x
  • thanx for the replies guys appreciate it! Im really excited this month as its our first cycle ive just got tons of pma
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