CD30 and still no AF

Morning Ladies, well I am now on CD30 and still no sign of AF! Yesterday my back really started to ache and I had a stabbing pain in my left side, my back is still hurting today but the pain in my side is gone! Are these signs that AF are on the way or could I be pg and I just tested too early before??? Help!!!!! x


  • These could be a sign of either really! When is af due? xx
  • I'm not really sure that's the problem, this is my first month off the pill x
  • When in your cycle do you think you ov, test 14 days from then. xx
  • I think it was around the 16th or 17th but i'm not really sure, i'm so new to all of this. I also feel a bit dizzy and light headed today!! The last time I tested was last Thursday morning and it was bfn x
  • It could still be too early, maybe test again in a couple of days. I really hope you get your bfp hun! Keeping everything crossed for you. xxx
  • Thanks Debbie, if af still hasn't arrived by Wednesday morning i'll test again then x
  • That sounds like a good plan if you can stick to it! lol. Pregnancy tests have a weird habit of calling to us to test! lol. good luck xxx
  • Oh god yeah they totally do, I think so far i've tested 3 times in the last 2 weeks, I hope I get pg soon or it's going to end up costing me a fortune in tests lol x
  • Hi honey I really do hope you get your BFP I will keep everything crossed for you xxxx
  • Thanks honey, I noticed that af arrived for you the other day, i'm so sorry! Do you feel better for knowing though? x
  • Everything crossed that its a bfp later in the week.xx
  • I do feel better, Hubby was gutted. For me it was not too bad i mean i took the test in the morning and i felt a bit gutted then but this was a months just after the pill and my body was not back to normal yet so what did i expect.

    Then at 8pm AF came and deep down i was actually really happy. I am sooo pleased I have been lucky enough to have a 28 day cyc right away, i don't think it will stay that way but i am pleased that at least now next friday i should be OV and we can starh trying again. I guess i should class this our first month.

    I really do hope you get your BFP soon, it's a good sign you have not come on yet :=)

    Though don;t stress too soon as when you first come off the pill AF can take a little while to get back again most women have like 35 days cyc or 40?

    K xx
  • I know and i'm really trying not to stress because I know that can stop it from coming on but I can't help it, it's all I can think about at the moment, once it comes i'll be able to relax a bit, well, at least until next month when I can start stressing all over again lol x
  • Have you tested?
    I tested in the morning and as soon as I sure the BFN i could feel my body relax and then i came on?

    K xx
  • I tested last Thursday morning but not since then, if it hasn't come on by Wednesday morning i'm going to test again x
  • That would of been too early honey? I would test again as you are now on CD30 so if you are it should come up by now? It might be what you need to relax your body as all this waiting stressed me out big time!!

    K xx
  • Your right, well I can't pick one up tonight but i'll get one tomorrow, I still might wait until Wednesday morning to do it though, just in case x
  • Babe you do it when ever you feel ready too sorry i hope you did not think i was pushing you at all. You just need to realx and I pray it is a BFP for you but if not i bet you any money you will come on verty shortly after testing.

    K xx
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