Taking my temp :-)

Ok I have stopped moaning about cm your all be pleased to know and my I have bought a thermometer to take my temp. I still do not think i am OV or will OV this month but now i will know for sure.

What do you think i should do if i am not? Will the doctor see my now or will i be told to wait for 6 months or worse a year before they are willing to help?

I have had pains in my belly on and off today though just checked first time today hee hee and my cm is thick and tacky a little how it looks after OV so now i have no idea where i stand. It could just be like this till tomorrow which is my actualy day i am due to OV CD14 though it could also mean I will OV later but it;s a wait and see game.

K xx



  • did you say you tried the ov sticks last month?
    I've tried the temperature this month and last and I don't find it a good guide, it's difficult to tell as any little thing can cause disturbances to your temp (alcohol, lack of sleep etc etc) so I'm not sure I really have a clear pattern (i.e. temp went up day before I get +ve on ov sticks but then dropped down but that could have been a disturbance last month and this month had a massive drop one morning for no apparent reason on day 7). But at the same time getting positives on ov sticks, so I think I am ovulating.
    I think they would make you wait 6 months. how come you don't think you're oving if you've a normal 28 day cycle?
  • Because I am obsessed about the fact i don;t have EWCM. I only came off the pill a few weeks ago and so do not think i ov last month which would be about right and this I was very lukcy to have a 28 cd for my first cyc off the pill though now I have thick white cm thats not stringy and I am on CD 13??

    So I did not want to try the OV sticks just yet and thought maybe taking my temp would help me though i think I have left it a little late in this cyc as i am on CD13 today.

    k XX
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