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Hi everyone,

I posted a few times last month and then had to stop myself as i felt that i was driving myself arond the bend. well i was convinced that it couldn't have happened this month, I've been full of cold and just couldn't shift it. So on Saturday i couldn't resist doing a test. I'd got some cheap off ebay! I got a really faint line so went down to ASDA in between X Factor and X Factor results and got some asda own tests and also a clearblue digital one. I've done one each day and they've all come back positive. I'm really not sure what i'm supposed to do now though! i've rang the docs and can't get an appointment until Monday. I'm so so so excited although i now have a dilemma!!!

by my reconning it will be due on July 5th. I'm meant to be bridesmaid for my friend on July 5th! i had agreed thinking that there was no way it would happen this quickly and that i'd get away with a bump now there's no chance i can be bridesmaid and i'm also meant to be doing her make up. I feel like i'm about to burst and tell her but it's too soon.

How can something i've wanted so much suddenly turn into something so so so scary!image


  • congratulations girl, well happy for you.
    well dont say anything to your friend yet til you have it all confirmed, but i am sure your mate will totally understand (if she dont she cant be much of a friend).
    of cause you will be scared, you wnat it so much and now its happened so quick its a shock. but you will do totally fine.
    well done
    luv sassie. xx
  • haha, i'm so excited i managed to post it twice. I know that she will be happy for us as she's dying to start trying herself. I'm working on the thought that it probably won't be here when it's due so i reckon i may still make the wedding!
  • Congratulations LouiseN! Fab news!! Oooh might be touch and go with your friend's wedding though! xxx
  • Hi Louise


    I'm sure your friend will be pleased for you.

    Take Care
    Helen x x
  • Congratulations Louise! Really pleased for you and thats just typical isn't it! Not that it matters- It will just add a little extra excitement to the day if baby comes on time!!!!! Take care and good luck at the doctors. amy x
  • congratulations babe! im happy for u!!!! enjoy your 9 months!!!
  • you can still be a briddesmaid surely image congratulations!
  • congartulations hun and hope you have a good pregnancy.
    did you have any symptoms before you tested at all hun ?

  • lol - just read it back and realise being a bridesmaid is probably out of the question - lol. x
  • congratulations Louise xxxxxxxx
  • Congratulations - wishing you a happy and healthy pregancy.

    Mrs WB xxx
  • Many congratulations Louise. If you live anywhere near Berkshire, can you please blow some babydust my way? Hope you have a good 9 months. Take good care, love bluebird xxxx
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations!! x
  • Congratulations!!!
    My friend was a bridesmaid in her 35th week of pregnancy and she got as much attention in her stunning dress and being pregnant as the bride did. Hmmm maybe thats not what a bride wants, give it a month and then let her know so she can decide. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy Filo x
  • congratulations!!!:\)
  • Congratulations I'm a bridesmaid for my best mate in August, but I'd give it up for a BFP she'd understand. Good luck.

  • Congratulations Louise!!!! That's great news! Another July baby... there's four of us now. I'm due July 1st.

    I'm sure your friend will understand. Having a baby is a pretty special occassion and I'm sure she'll be delighted for you when you finally tell her.

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