BFP or BFN ?

Well I tested using a chippy test one were you have to dip in the pot befor the 10 minswas up there was a faint line not dark like the first one that comes up very faint so then I did the CBD that came up not pregnant

the thing is I've just to day finshed my period started spotting Monday last month I was 10 days late but came on for 2days but went back to a 29 day cycle (was 10 days late due to stressthough)

so now I'm really confused sorry for ramberling .x


  • The line is very rarely as dark as the control line. If it is a BFP but early days its easy to get a BFN on a CBD. I would think by the sounds of it you are preg. Do another test in 2 days a then if it is a line do a CBD a day or 2 later.
    I would also highly recommend FR as I did one today at 9DPO and got a good line.
    Good luck hun xxx
  • Thanks think I might do that .x
  • agree with babylove, wait a day or two and retest, make sure u use ur first wee of the day tho,if u are pregnant u'll have a higher concentration of hcg in the first wee of the day xx
  • Get a superdrug preg test, they r ones you can use early.
    I heart them! There 2 for 7 quid I think!!
  • baby -princess, i got my bfp yesterday with the super drug earlytests, they are on BOGOF at the mo, so two packs of 2, for ??4.99...bargain image


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