symptom spotters beware...!!!

Hey girls, hope no-one minds me posting this but i know how much i wanted to read about symptoms in the 2ww so i thought id share mine with u!!!

from 2dpo i had a heavyness in my lower tummy, right on my pubic bone, this went at 6dpo

from 3dpo heavy boobs when i took my bra off at night

ive feel sicky if im hungry since 7dpo, dont really fancy eating at the mo...and the thought of chocolate is gross (normally im eating it like a mad woman!!!)

From 6dpo If i get up quick i feel light headed and get a dragging pain on my right

And i swear and i know this sounds crazy but at 6dpo for 2hrs on my right i had these zapping feelings...i swear it was implantation as got my first bfp on friday at 7dpo.

Hope this helps any of you xxxxxx image image


  • Thanks for sharing this with us woomummy as it is useful to compare symptons and have something keep us going in our 2ww.

    Congratulations on your bfp.
  • Thanks, this is really helpful. Ive been to the Doc today and she thinks I'm in my 6th week of pregnancy. I've got PCOS, my LMP was 19.3.08 and I did had a negative pregnancy test on 18.4.08 but 2 positive tests on 4.5.08!! I've got sore boobs and quite a bit of central abdominal cramping that comes and goes. Also feeling quite tired but no sickness or cravings yet!
    It's quite an emotional time, I'm sooooo excited but also don't want to get too ahead of myself as its early days and I'm concerned about this cramp feeling. Hope it isn't anything to worry about - must stay positive! X x
  • oh woomummy that really helps Hun!x
  • Thanks woomummy! That certainly helps us symptoms spotters.... I can't believe how long 2 weeks is!! When I'm on holiday it seems to go much faster!!! :lol:
  • a hure CONGRATULATIONS BABE!!!!!!! really pleased for u, hope i can join u soon! hugs xxx
  • Congrats woomummy and RedPenguin.

    We don't mind being told about symptoms. Allows us to look for our own, not that we do that, do we?!

    RedPenguin - a bit of cramping is normal. Uterus stretching or something! My friend who is about 5 wks pg has it at the mo. xx
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