Niggling pulling pain

Hi girls,

I haven't posted on here much recently but often check to see how everyone is.

I'm 11DPO and for the last 3-4 days I've had a niggling pulling pain in my lower left side of groin, sort of behind my hip. Any ideas what this could be? Not sure if it's a pg symptom or something else, in which case i'm going to see doc. It feels internal rather than a muscle pull.

I'm on month 6 ttc since a mc in oct last year but we've been ttc for almost a year (from first time round before mc).

Have had loads of PMA this month, thinking it's got to happen at some point, it's just when?! Probably testing over weekend.

Any ideas on this pain? No real other symptoms except slightly sore boobs but that's fairly normal for me before af. I have a 16 day LP.

Thanks ladies!



  • oooo they sounds like symptoms? from what ive read anyways! fingers crossed for u! let us know when u test? i have read tho that a tugging/pulling feeling can be ur womb expanding preparing for baby....? ooo im excited! lol let us know hun xxxxxxx
  • Really? I haven't heard that before, that's why I wasn't sure! WOuld be amazing if that's what happening! Will have to wait and see I guess! Has anyone else heard of this? I know this pain is similar to OV pain but in a different place...
  • just found this....

    As soon as a healthy egg has been fertilised, and makes its way down the Fallopian tube to the uterus, the blood supply to the uterus increases dramatically. Even at this early stage, it starts to increase in size, and this can cause cramps very similar to those you may get just before your period. Don't panic! Cramping and funny pains may be felt all the way through your pregnancy. This tends to be because the uterus doesn't just float there in your abdomen, it's held in place by connective tissue that all has to stretch to accommodate your expanding baby. Don't forget that your entire lower abdomen gets completely rearranged by all this - and who knows where the ovaries end up! Curling up with a hot water bottle can help.

    and ....

    hope they help? x
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