Not impressed...

Well as you might have seen in my previous post 'I know its early but i don't care' I ordered a pack of 7 body suits from Mamas and Papas. I received the order confirmation on 6th May. I then got an email to say it had been shipped 10th May. Now today I have received an email from them saying it is out for delivery at 1049 and then at 1050 I get one saying Unable to locate - wtf! I have sent a nice email to Mamas and Papas asking what on earth does unable to locate mean. I haven't had any phone calls if it is the address they can't find but no communication as to why just 'unable to locate' is taking the p*ss. I am waiting for a response. It is the first thing I have ordered from them at this rate it will be the last! Typical of my luck that :roll:


  • argh! deliveries suck!!! Hope you get your vests asap! (even if not required asap they dont know that lol!) Its annoying when you get a delivery time between 7am-7pm..,.that really sucks...sorry im just going to start moaning about deliveries *deep breath...*
  • Ha ha, sorry to set you off on a rant - judging by your profile name you do a lot of shopping so guessing this happens to you a lot? I definitely don't need them asap but you are right they do not know that! Grrr xx

  • Well it gets better. I emailed to find out what was going on and hadnt heard anything. I got another email from shipping to say they had attempted delivery - what on earth does that mean?? I rang them this time and it is the address they can't find. Do they not have sat nav!! They asked for a few things i could point them in the right direction with and will try again on Monday. If they can't find me again I am going to demand my money back and bugger them. Not impressed by my first shop with Mamas and Papas!! :x

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