Fed up of waiting for AF today (was due y'day and normally could set your watch by me) so have just nipped to Boots as the suspense was killing me, got a First Response HPT as they are on BOGOF offer at the mo, anyway got a BFN.

I am gutted, I really thought this month was it! Am feeling really down in the dumps now. Why does it seem so hard???!?!?


  • Ooh me again, just had a thought. Today I have drunk 2 litres of water whilst in work and been back and forth to the loo, can diluted urine produce a negative test? I know I really am clutching at straws but just wondered as I have been up and down like a fiddlers elbow to the loo today.
  • Yes it can as your diluting the HCG therefore the test may not pick it up. FMU is always the best bet.
    Try waiting a day or 2 if no sign of af as HCG levels double every 2 days. (I know I couldnt wait though)

    Lots of luck xx
  • Hi hun,

    They say fmu is more sensitive as it's more conentrated, however if AF is late you'd probably be getting a bfp by now tbh. May have OV'd later this month though?

  • ur rite, not good to dilute, and fmu would of been better to test with too, all hope is not lost image maybe try again 2moro morning or sun? good luck, i will probs be doing the same thing lol x
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