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  • Oooppps I forgot to say, I have done 2 tests which have both been BFN image Which makes it even more confusing!!
  • Didn't want to read and run, but maybe if you did get upset after the tests that could explain why AF is late.

    On the flip side though, it could be a positive sign.

    LOL I haven't helped at all sorry image
  • It's such weird timing though, as I need to call the hospital on the first day of my period to have a Hycosy test done and then to have blood tests done on within the first 5 days and then on the 21st day. Now it's hiding!!! image
  • Hi LH78, just wanted to let you know i had pain in my right before i got my bfp. I described it as ovary pain, although i don't know that it was for sure as there are lots of things in that area. Once i had my bfp i went to the Dr as i was worried it could be ectopic but she said it was too early to get ectopic signs as they only start at around 5/6 weeks at the earliest ( i would of been 4+4 at the time) She said it was more likely a little cyst (can't remember the name) that you get in early pregnancy which is actually a good sign.
    My right side pains carried on until a few days ago, along with af type cramps but they have both settled down now. I am 5+4 now.

    I hope this is a good sign for you, fingers crossed x
  • Poppy83 - Firstly CONGRATS on your BFP!!!

    Secondly thanks for your post. Hmmm interesting that you got that pain too. Did you get any other symptoms?

    I'm not letting myself get excited because I'm not sure if I could have fallen 2/3 days before AF was due?!
  • not really any other symptoms, a lot of cm (which disappeared a few days before bfp, as it does with af, but has come back with a vengance now!) but mainly no heartburn and no af cramps a week before af due, which is strange as obviously these are signs in themselves.
    (not sure if that makes sense, basically i usually get af pains and heartburn a week before af due, i didn't this month)
    Something i actually posted on here was a strange pain as if somebody was prodding me in my lower back, but on the left. Not a dull ache like most people describe. I don't know if this was a sign but i never usually have back problems. I only had it for a couple of days, i've had it once since my bfp, but it was on the right.

    hope this helps.

    oh, and thanks for the congrats, hopefully we'll be saying it to you soon image
  • Still nothing. The cramps have stopped though, just getting the odd little ache right in the middle (similar to period pains)
    I've booked in to see the doctor on Thursday, so I'm not sure what will happen?!?!
    Fingers crossed xxx
  • Fingers crossed, keep us updated x
  • Well it was a false alarm,,, the witch found me last night. A lot heavier than normal, with black/red clots (sorry if tmi). Gutted obviously, but have to think about it as just a "late period"!!

    Worse thing is now I have to go for blood tests and a HyCoSy test to do with the fertilty testing. I was hoping I was getting out of it !! image
  • oh no! Sorry image

    At least you can start your fertility testing now and you're getting closer to your bfp image
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