my first (proper) 2ww!

I've been ttc since april but have long irregular cycles and have only ov's twice since then- which makes the whole babymaking a bit trickier! On the two times I have ov'd i have only known about it after the event (because my bbt has gone up) and by that time its too late to make the most of it! last cycle after i ov'd i was hopeful as we had managed to bd a couple of days before ov, and despite the rational part of me knowing it was vvvvv slim odds, i couldn't help but be hopeful and indulged in some symptom spotter (i had them all of course!:rollimage

This sycle i have used a CBFM but delayed starting using it until i was at about cd20. anyway, i got two days of lows, about 15 day of high and then the last two days I have had peaks - HOORAY! :\) we have bd'd everyday for the last four days (and every couple of days before that) and have been using preseed. i even have my rude veg pic! I can't help but feel optimistic!

so I'm now on dpo1. i only have a 10 day lp so i'm hoping thats just long enough to let a bean get all settled and comfy but it means i'm due to test on xmas day! image

i know i'm going to drive myself batty over the next ten day- please can people help keep me sane!


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