Long LP?

I was wondering if anyone could help me.

This is the first month i used OPKs, im now 21DPO, and CD 42. I used to have a 35 day cyle, but last month i had a 45 day cycle.

TMI- I had lots of symptoms really early on, but now i dont have any really. Boobs are a bit tender but its more like my nipples are hard and i feel heavy there, but thats all, and ive only had BFNs.

We've been UPSIing for a year and a half now, but this is the year we WILL chart,use OPKs etc...

Im scared that a long LP is the same as a short one in that it could cause problems, does anyone know. Ive googled it and couldnt find anything-very high tech you know!-so i dont know if anyone else has this or if i could talk to a Dr. Some times i dont know if its appropraite to even go and ask these things.

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  • I was twingey and sore, and i always feel like i constantly need the loo when i OV.

    I never have alot of CM,so i dont know about that at all.

    Thank you for your reply.

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  • Right, sorry, another reply!!

    I think maybe i did OV later. I got a couple of pos OPKs, and then two weeks later i got some more (i checked because it was the first time i ever had EWCM), so i prob OVd the second time, and was just bloated or something the first!!

    urgh-this is tough!!
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  • Thank you, i was so confused by this all.

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  • hehe littlewolf...ah...i understand you, im Scottish too!!

    Im just off to have a look at that site better.
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