What do you think ladies??..........

...cut a long story short....

i found out that i OV late (practically just before i come on) this month i had a scan to see if i was OV-ing and i was so BD'ed on all the right days......and i didnt come on (28th was when AF was due) so we tested on the 29th and i got a BFN......i am now 7 days late!! and obviously AF has not arrived.... and there are no signs of her either?? do you think i tested too early?? as im 7 days late today i will obviously tesy again as soon as i get a chance to buy one, but whats your opinions??.... oh and just noticed this morning my boobs are ever so slightly sensitive but nothiing major!! oh and i keep getting(sorry if TMI) nipple erection for no reason, not even cold!!!??

let me know what u think, or your advise??

thanks xxxxx:\?


  • It sounds promising to me! My first symptom was sensitive nips image and I got my BFP saturday.

    Chances are if you OV late then implantation wouldn't have happened by the time you tested. Get a test done and let us know.

    Good luck
  • sounds promising to me too, I would wait to test again until at least 14 days after ov, how many days post ov are u?

    Good luck and sending u some baby dust x
  • yeh im thinking that i should wait like you said 'Fingerscrossed30' i would say im around 12/ish days post OV but cannot say excatly!!....... so if AF is still not here by next tuesday i will test???! ooooh ihate this!! lol its horrible toying with the idea!!.....its soo weird tho as i have never normally been late!!? well let just keep Positive!!! image xx
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