i have decided.................

that the relaxed approach isnt for me. this month i havent charted temps or done opk's now its ov time i am questioning everyday wether i am, have or a bout to ov. i thought i had over the last couple of days but pain still there today. i usually do get ov pains for a but a week before i ov but these ones were worse than usual and felt like ov time instead of a warning. so if we do not get our bfp this month i will def be back to charting & opk's.

what bout everyone else, do you prefer being relaxed or are you more relaxed when you are charting etc. i def think im the latter.xxx:lol:


  • We are only on our second month so not started to use any machines!
    But saying that I do like to track my cycle just using dates and CM and things. I think the thing is that I feel I need to be doing something (anything!) to get us closer to the bfp. I am a bit of a control freak so I think I am with you and the totally relaxed approach wouldn't work for me either!
    As time goes on I will be no doubt be getting myself a OPK!!
  • hun, i totally agree, i am a little of a control freak myelf and i dont know what poccessed me to try and be relaxed.lol. even when we started trying i was doing the same as you counting my cycle and cm so relaxing is not for me.lol.

    hope you dont need those opk's.xxxxx
  • Hi Angel, I am a control freak and the relaxed approach is not for me! I chart my temops, use OPK's, check my CM and cervix position daily. You name it, I do it!
  • Hi Angel, I am a control freak and the relaxed approach is not for me! I chart my temops, use OPK's, check my CM and cervix position daily. You name it, I do it!
  • well donnat2004 i will not be running the relaxed approach again, just isnt for me im def more stressed out now.xxxx
  • Hey sugar, sorry to hear that. Don't stress to much just do lots of bd'ing! Definitely feel more relaxed charting, hate not knowing, have realised that I am more of a control freak than I thought xxx
  • We gradually increased our use of machinery lol!! 1st month v relaxed, 2nd month - didn't use anything but observe EWCM and stuff. This month OPKs and temps and (very quietly whispering and touching wood) think we might have done it!
  • girls i completely agree, even if its just temping at least that usually confirms ov has past. i really thought i had but pains are still there so we will be bdancing till they stop now in case we miss it.if i ov when i usually do i will be bd till tues.lol. hubby thinks all his xmas's have come at once.lol.xxxx
  • Im definately a fan of opk's, it makes me more relaxed knowing we've done everything at the right time. Although when i didn't get a bfp it did make me feel a bit like 'what else could we have done'. Im definately a control freak who hates 'following the rules' only for it not to work- typical teacher lol xxx
  • Lol Kaiti, I'm a teacher too! xxx
  • I knew when we started ttc that i would find it difficult just waiting for our turn, but dh still finds it funny when my af arrives and i have a mini rant about how its not fair cos im so organised hahahaha x
  • Hi,
    we're only on our 1st/2nd month (didn't really try last month so not sure whether to count it lol). I've just been keeping an eye on EWCM and ov pain, giving it 6 months and if nothing then i'm going to start charting temp etc.
  • I am struggling with charting my temp. It is all over the place. I have a thermometer which is correct to 2 decimal places and am doing it at the same time every day!!!could anyone give me an example of theirs? Should I be the same virtually every day except for when ovulating??
  • mrsmel. im not charting this month but my temps dont usually follow a pattern till i get near ov. they are usually all over the place till then, hope this helps.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks I am going to start it again.
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