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I have been lurking for a while and now I need your advice. Hubby and I started trying end of August so this is our third cycle. I have been on the pill for 10 yrs plus. My 1st two cycles have both been 34 days so I was expecting AF last thursday however no AF. I started to get excited thinking maybe it would be a positive test yesterday however it showed BFN. My question girls is I thought that your cycle lengths might decrease as the pill came out of your system but this doesn't make sense. I would be lying if I said I hadn't been sympton spotting since 4 days prior to af I have had cramps

Since posting this I still have no AF any suggestions please

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  • Hi and welcome. Its years since I was on the pill but from being on here for a looooong time it would seem that for some people it takes several months for bodies to get back to normal and it doesn't seem to follow any particular pattern.
    Hope that helps but fingers crossed that its a shy bfp.
  • I was on pill 12yrs. when I stopped I had first AF 28days later, so was really pleased thought everything had settled really fast. but then I had a 3 month gap with no AF and no BFP. then from there on I have been 'normal' for me up until pg in july then mc in oct with cycles varying from 26days to in the forties. I'd test again weekly, then in a few weeks if you still don't get AF or bfp after that go to docs.
  • Thanks for your replies girls I think I'm gonna wait and test again on Sunday and if nothing will go to docs as would be 2 weeks late on a 34 day cycle
  • Hiya, im in exactly the same situation right down to the timings of coming off the pill and being on it for 10 years. I had a withdrawal 'period' as usual 3 days after my last pill, then 2 periods dead on each 28 days, then my current one was 33 days. gutted as i done 2 tests with my hopes sky high. fingers crossed for both of us that we settle into a cycle or we get BFPs!!
  • hi i was on for 10 years and it took me 6 weeks to come on i started 1 june and they are more or less every 4 weeks .x
  • Hi, I waited 36 days after stopping my pill (which I'd been on for 10 years too) for my period. Now on CD23.....good luck to you all xx
  • oh i want to jump on this one!
    was on microgynon for 10 yrs, came off last july (not trying but to give body a break), went back on it for in july for 3m as was due af on wedding day, then had withdrawal bleed as norm when stopped at beginning of october, and had af 34 days later. so ttc from this month and though would be ov'ing today (on 34 day cycle timings as would be due af on 10th dec) but been using the ov sticks since sat and no +ive ov yet :\?
    is really stressing me as now worrying that not ov'ing properley/at all or that i'm now going to be waiting ages for af
    have been in literally the foulest mood since monday night and an emotional wreck flying off the handle at my poor oh, bless him xx
  • forgot to say that makes me on cd20 with no +'ive ov, bum x
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