Gutted no line at all

Feel awful today woke up late just really lethargic and fed up. Today i did an ov test according to chart this week should be fertile but there was nothing at all, i feel gutted was hoping for even just a faint line. Have no other signs what so ever which just makes me feel that i dont ovulate , which i had in the past and why i was referred to hospital.
Think it gunna be a tough week as im gunna check with ov sticks till Friday so i may be miserable all week.
Good luck to all those of you who are ov testing this week xxxx


  • Hi BBwanted

    I know exactly how you feel. I was ov testing a couple of weeks ago and ended up testing for 15 days in all - nothing, not even a faint line. Gave up in the end because I figured I must have passed my fertile time and it was getting too disheartening to see nothing each day.

    However, having read some other posts on here, it seems the LH surge is really hard to catch - at one point in the day it might be -ve and yet hours later it shows +ve. Just because you don't get a +ve reading on the test doesn't mean you aren't ov'ing. (I know how you feel about lack of other symptons as well - I just get the feeling that I'm not ov'ing at all).

    I've decided that next month I am going to try and bd more frequently, esp on days if and when I get ewcm. Good luck to you - hope you get a double line!!!
  • I agree, if you have no idea of when you may be ovulating then it could be quite difficult to catch it. I have been quite lucky with mine as I had an inkling to start with of when it might be, and I tested twice daily in order to catch it! Try not to get too disheartened though hun, it can be a very small window of opportunity to catch the LH surge so its quite easy to miss!!

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