fed up

sorry moan peeps but really fed up been trying now for three months yes i know not long but feels like forever... and each month i have started period early and today (due on Saturday) have started spotting very slightly early again sob sob and big grrrrrrr's ...... i have four other children from past partner desperate for our baby with new partner.. Sorry moan over image : ( :cry::cry::cry:


  • Awww babe (hugs) we have all been there and it is so hard regardless of how long it takes xxxx
    maybe next month will be your month xxx
  • ((((hugs)))) we all know how you feel hun, could the spotting possibly be implantation though? It's at the right time for it x
  • nope wasnt implanting defo started bleeding today fingers crossed for next month eh ladies... thanx for the replies.. xx
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