Looking forward to next month

Hi Girls,

Just wanted to share my excitement with you.

My AF came yesterday after being 4 days late and I was feeling crappy all day. I got home last night and all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and stay there all night so I went one better and curled up in a ball in a hot bath he he. My DH was lovely he went to Marks and Spen and bought me a cream cake to cheer me up and lots of chocolate because I was so down.... Anyway

It's our first year wedding anniversary coming up next month so keeping positive. I have worked out when I will be most fertile and have booked 2 nights at the hotel we got married in last year, so excited because it's the 16/17th May so I am going to BD BD and BD somemore until I get that BFP. Also DH has been taking Proxeed for Low SP cou and has cut out caffeine and is eating more healthy so hopefully next month may be the one!!!!!!!

It would be so nice to get BFP on our 1st year anniversary.


  • Ahh that sounds lovely image I will keep everything crossed for you honey all the bestimage

    K xxx
  • Hi Maddie

    Sounds like you are a woman with a plan!!! Happy Anniversary for next month and hope you enjoy the hotel nudge nudge wink wink!

    It is also my 1 year anniversary next month so I am also hoping to get a BFP then - wouldn't it be lovely!!?
  • No way!
    Congratulations to you as well. Maybe you should do the same LOL. It would be eery if we both got pregnant the same month. How long have you been ttc for? Where abouts are you in your cycle? I am on day 2 but using a CBFM to help pinpoint my fertile day exactly.
    Good luck
  • Unfortunatley I am away at a hen party on the weekend of our anniversary image so no romantic hotels for me, but perhaps could squeeze in a BD when I get home!

    I am on CD 39!!! Aaaaggghhh it is so annoying and I don't think i've ovulated yet. I came off the pill end of January and my cycles have been up the spout since. First cycle was 52 days and don't think i ovulated then, this is the second cycle.

    I am toying with the idea of getting some acupuncture or reflexology or something. I have a friend whose cycles were irregular after she came off the pill and she had acupuncture and got pregnant immediatley. Tempted to ask her for the name of the acupuncturist she used, but then i'd be giving the game away!!

    How long have you been trying? And how are you getting on with the CBFM?
  • It's been years since I was on the pill so not sure what to advise really! Maybe it's just taking a while for your cycle to regulate itself! Must be so frustrating. I am having monthly relexology sessions for fertility and I think that it's really helping me. It's definately relaxing me and chilling me out about the pregnancy word and my relexologist picked up that I was pregnant back in Dec but unf had MC... so something definately working. I try and go around ov so that it has an effect when I am fertile. My and DH have been ttc for 2 years but properly trying ie around ov since our Wedding last year so a year really. The CBFM is great because it works out the 5 days befaore ov when you have high fertility and then gives you 2 peak days when you are due to ov so lets you cover more days if that makes sense. It's great, I am only on 2nd cycle using it so it's getting used to my cycles at the minute. Last month I had to POAS for 20 days which was bit annoying but this month it should only ask for 10!!!!!
    Enjoy your hen party and wishing you lots of babydust
  • The CBFM sounds interesting - did it show that you had ovulated?

    Lots of babydust to you too!
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