Get this..........

If you guys remembered I had to wait for my PG test from the doctor yesterday I called up at 11 told to call back at 3 called back then was told to call back at 5-30 called back then and guess what - they have lost my smaple!!!!!!!

The nurse was very rude at the other end I was so mad, I said so I have to do it again then and she was like well I guess you do. I said look I never asked for this the doctor did??

Anyway I bought one last test last night which was negative and don't think i need to be told anymore lol

I am going to wait and see if i come on this week as I am due to finish my last pill today and then if i do fine if I don;t then there is a problem and I will go back again and ask for a scan to see if there is anything wrong with me.

K-lou xx


  • How frustrating!! What a bunch of muppets.

    Breathe deeply and count to 10 slowly!!
    Take care x
  • I know image I will do it;s silly I wanted to cry when i got off the phone to her but anyway i will let it go over my head and just wait to see if I get my AF

    K xxxx
  • I said the other day, why is it that the some doctors and nurses have no time for pregnancy related topics. They think your just making a fuss. If it has taken a long time to get to the stage where you think that you may be pregnant, you really need help, support and advice and you NEED to know whats going on.
    Doctors GRRRRRRR!!!! Im still waiting for a phone call from my gp from yesterday morning.
  • Babymonkey, r u going to ring them if they don't ring you soon? I would. Keep pestering till you get the info you want. They'll soon get you what you want if you keep trying, if only to get rid of you!!!

    Good luck
  • Tell me about it, it was the doctor who asked for it you know it drives me mad!!

    I would called them again hun just to make sure they have not forgotten about you?

    K xxx
  • I have to ring at 12pm if they havent phoned me.
    Doesnt it just drive you mad. Its like they dont give a [email protected]*t!!!
  • To be honest we have moved and i am think there is a new doctors just up the road so I might think about moving to be honet with you as if and when i do fall pg don't really want to stay with them.

    The receptionist there make you feel like they are doing a favour just by talking to you you know. i go there for an app and i stand there waiting for them to finish thier convo before they see to me and then have to sit waiting for 50 mins just to get seen by the doctor!!!

    They always have a different nurse. I have never been there and seen the same nurse ever.

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