How faint can faint be?

Hello all!

I've been lurking for a while now, but would like some advice so I've just joined up! We've been not trying but not avoiding since June last year, but really went for it this month. I don't have any symptoms apart from AF being late and a positive feeling!

So I tested yesterday morning and got a VERY faint line in the test window. Then using a different test type I also got a really faint line in the test window this morning. I've booked an appointment with doc but couldn't get an appointment until Monday (and even then have to see a locum grr). So if the tests were negative there would be nothing at all in the test window, right? I don't know what to think :\?

Thanks for any advice/reassurance in advance!


  • Hey,
    Sounds like a positive to me hun. The same happened to me today. I tested this morning and got a faint line. I didnt have to hold it towards the light to see it & DH who eyesight isnt great even saw it without his glasses!!
    With me i tested 9DPO so still very early. The risk with this is that you can have what is called a chemical pregnancy which you wouldnt of nesseserily known about had you waited the recommended 2 weeks.
    How many DPO are you?
    What tests did you use?
    I used asda which are quite sensitive. Alot of the girls on here rate superdrug own brand to.x
  • Hey Gemma thanks for replying!
    Fingers crossed for both of us eh?!
    My hubby saw the lines too, but don't think he's going to be convinced until a doctor says so!
    To be honest I'm not sure about DPO - 1st day of my last period was 15 March and my last 2 cycles have been 25 days (though usually around 28). I know I'm a bit worried about a chemical pregnancy too. Also can't get my head around it - suppose I always thought I'd "feel" pregnant and get sick etc straight away!
    Used a Tesco then a boots test. Have another Boots test - going to try and hold off testing tomorrow and see if I maybe get a stronger line on Friday. It's my 30th birthday at the weekend so I'd really just love to know either way!!

    Good luck with your BFP!
  • Hi Gemma - posted a reply to you there but don't know where it went image

    Anyway thanks for your reply - finger crossed for both of us!

    I'm not sure about DPO as periods not always exact (last 2 cycles were 25 days but usually around 28) - last one started 15 March.

    I did one Tesco and one Boots - have another Boots test so think will use it on Fri to see if the line gets any stronger! Hubby was able to see both lines as well, though he's still not convinced!

    I know I'm a bit worried about a chemical pregnancy too, but hopefully our BFPs (or should that be little skinny positives) stay put! Good luck!x
  • Hmm and now they've both appeared and I look like an idiot!! Newbies eh!
  • I am keeping everything crossed for you. My last AF was on 17th March so we sound like we are similar in dates. I ov on 5th April.

    In our area the doctor doesnt actually confirm it. When i got my bfp with my dd i phoned the doctors and they dont see you until 8 wks have passed!! which was a frustrating time. When i got there i assumed the doc would do a test to confirm it but she just asked the date of my last AF, worked out my due date, filled in some forms for the midwife & 1st scan and said congrats!!!
    I then had to wait another 4 wks til the scan and even on the day sat in the waiting room i was worried there was no baby and it was all in my head!! So It was nice seeing my little bean jumping around on the screen. ;o)
  • a lines a line hunb, try again in a few days? good luck to both of you! x
  • I heart superdrug tests! They are the most sensitive, and about 7 quid for two!!! Bargain!!!!!!

    Oh and a line is a line sweety! Congratulations your four weeks pregnant with a estimated due date of 20th December calculated in 28 day cycle and you last period!!! Hope I get to join you in due in december!

    Dont worry too much about chem pregs, and enjoy that your going to be a mummy! Good luck at the doctors, xxx
  • A line is a line hun! Congrats! Nothing at all would appear if you didn't have any of the pregnancy hormone in your urine, the only way to have the pregnancy hormone in your urine is to be pregnant image (or be on certain fertility treatment which I assume your not) xx
  • Thank you for all your replies (didn't want to log on in work in case I got caught out!!).

    As I said I have one more test in the house so going to use it either tomorrow or Saturday morning. Still can't quite get my head around seeing those lines!

    Gemma I've heard our docs is the same - once you tell them you've had a positive HPT they take that as you being pregnant. So unless I start getting proper pregnancy symptoms soon (not that I'm wishing morning sickness on myself hehe) I'm not sure I'll believe it until the first scan!


    Thanks all xo
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