bleeding + OV?

Just wondering if anyone else has had a bit of bleeding prior to ov? i've never had this before and am not sure if it's another set back of my body playing up after my mc in august but thought i might get more luck trying here as well as the girls over in ttc after mc! It's only a lil bit and think it's stopped now and today i got my 3rd high on my cbfm so know i am due to ov any day, have googled it and it could be related to ov but could be a number of other things.,.. not sure whether to visit my gp or not... any ideas anyone? thanks xxx

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  • OMG! this happened to me 3 days ago, was going to post but then didn;t! i was so devestated as ttc month 2 and about to ov and started getting a small bleed, defo not pregnant, but it was more of a staining sorry tmi, then i read that it could be ov bleeding that i had never ever heard of, which made me feel a bit better, but i also know if can be an indicator of pcos or cysts etc, so i will be gettign checked out, i would recoomend if af arrives next month you do the same too. i was telling my sister and it seem quite common, lots of people have mid cycle bleeding so panic over, just i never ever had this before, so maybe its a good sign for us both!! if af arrives i will visit gp, but so bizarre i just saw your post, fingers crossed for us both xxxxx
  • omg! thank you for replying! lol, did u get any bloody ewcm at all? sorry tmi! just i had a bit last night after i posted this! i guess if i was having a bit of a bleed and i had ewcm it'd make sense but eeaaak! lol, i think i might give my gp a call in the morning just so it's documented! still got a high on my cbfm this morning so ov should still be on its way either tomorrow or tues! so dis heartening though isn't it! i'm fed up of my body doing stupid things! some girls that mc about the same time as me have already got another bfp! GGRRRR xxx
  • HI Rocky

    I had this last month. It was really weird cos I had read another post like yours about spotting before ov, then the next day I had some spotting and the day after that my cbfm came up "peak". Never had it before, but I reckon that it must have been that. Anyhoo, the lady who posted the post had quite a few responses from ladies you get ov pain/stains/spotting all the time, so it must be quite common after all.

    This month I had some funny stitch type pain in both hips the day before yesterday, then yesterday my cbfm said "peak".

  • eeakkkk! thanks hunni, am just so worried and down about it image think it'd be ok if i wasn't getting the ewcm stuff too cus reckon i might as well class today as cd1.... !!??? but i don't know image there's no way a bean is going to get snug in there this month image xxx

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