AF lighter than usual-should I test???-UPDATE

AF arrived on monday-very light but quite often is on d1. As I have been taking aspirin(which I stopped for a short while but was on for the whole of last cycle) I should then have been really heavy on tuesday or wednesday but it remained pretty light and has now just about stopped! My usual is 4-5 days.
My boobs hurt more now than they did before af.
The sensible part of me thinks that if I didnt ov then that maybe why af is lighter, but I am wondering whether to test as I am now back on the epo and have been taking ibuprofen for neck/shoulder pain.
Anyone got any suggestions?
I have used all my cheapo tests!!!:lol:
Thanks Helen.xxxx

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  • I think it's definitely worth testing. It could just be spotting rather than AF, the sore boobs certainly make me think that something is different. Go and buy one asap, and good luck!
  • Hi hjanea,
    When i took aspirin i experienced the exact same thing... very very light af, and really short!! (I loved it image lol)

    My boobs didn't hurt or anything though... so if you can get your hands on any cheapo's then go for it... but im a POAS addict!!, lol...xx
  • The first couple of months on aspirin made me really heavy-tmi-to the point of superplus tampons almost falling out in less than an hour!!!! This is why I stopped for a while, but started to retake due to preventing pe and decided that was more important than the inconvenience!
  • Oh no you poor thing!!
    Are you solely taking aspirin for TTC?
    You best get a cheapo and do a
  • Hi Helen, its worth testing don't you think?? When i was first pregnant with Grace i bled really lightly and also had some of the other symptoms you're naming. I know its not the same for everyone but at least then you'll know huh??
    Really got my fingers crossed for a BFP for you xx Megs xx
  • Thanks for your replies. If I do one today and its bfn, I'll still want to do one with fmu tomorrow to make sure!!!
    Boo- I had pre eclampsia with lo(had her at 32 weeks) and so consultant has recommended taking aspirin 75mg pre conception and for most of pregnancy as it might help to prevent it occuring again.
  • deffo test, worth a shot. however can i add that when ttc dont take ibuprofen as its a big no no. may not let the baby implant, aspirins ok in small 75mg doses but ideally should be prescribed by gp and not the higher 300mg for headache doses.
    Good luck though
    Filo x
  • Thanks Filo, the aspirin is prescribed but I didnt know that about ibuprofen!!!
  • Good luck... let us know the result image

  • Deffo do a test, and good luck! Got my fingers crossed for you. xx

    Filo, thanks for the tip on ibuprofen, I take it quite often for back problems and didn't know that it could prevent implantation. Knew to avoid it during pg, but not ttc. xx
  • Well I went and did a test with pretty concentrated pee and it was a negative so I think that it was just an unusually light af. Due to ov between next friday and sunday and my donor is available.
    Seen storks today at Harewood bird garden-good omen?!?!?LOL!!xx
  • Sorry to hear that hjanea!!
    Glad your donor is available next weekend - best of luck hun xx
  • Hi Hjanea, are you still gonna do another test tomorrow morning like you said?
  • I dont think so -it was more concentrated than my fmu often is. I may get tempted in the morning though!!
  • **Bump**
    Did you test this morning??
  • No I didnt, but I have been shattered today so I may do one just to put my mind at rest tomorrow morning. I really dont think it will be a bfp but I think I need to know for certain!!
    Thanks for asking.xx
  • Tested this morning-bfn, so roll on next weekend!!
  • So sorry honey, I got my BFN too. Feeling crampy so AF is definately popping in shortly for a visit!!!
    Good luck for next month - see you on the 2wwxxx
  • sorry its a bfn but not over til AF arrives remember. hang in there and babydust
    Filo x
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