CD 35!!

Morning ladies
I told myself last night that I wouldnt come on here today to try and keep my mind off things, but surprise surprise, here I am!!!

Im on CD 35 now, did test on CD 31, just a cheap on from ebay with a hormone measurement thing of 25 and got a negaitive, but i still have no af.

I have been off the pill since January and my longest cycle to date has been 34 days - that was last month and im sure that was done to wedding stress as other than that it has been 28-30.

Last night my nipples looked really different - even OH agreed! They were darker and had like white spots on them - sorry if TMI! Ive also been feeling sick on and off, but havent actually thrown up.

Im too nervous now to take another test - just dont want to see another negative result, so im trying to wait as long as I can before testing.

Sorry for the rant, just letting out my thoughts really.
Any thoughts or advice welcome!
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