Night out- drink or not??? Help please??!?!?

I am ovulating between yesterday and Wednesday (cycle is between 28 and 31 days so kind of work it out for a few days)...........

My hubby goes away fri for a week so making lots of time for 'trying' all week lol!!! Sorry for TMI!!

My best friend is coming over for a long weekend on Thursday and we are going out Friday and then spending the day in London on the Sat.

Would it do any harm if i drank alcohol on Fri? I would only have a glass of wine on the Sat. And not much at all on the fri. But do you think i should drink at all??

We have been much more chilled out with the whole trying as i was getting quite upset about it and obsessed with it......

Last two months i feel much better about it and really do think it will happen....!

Been trying 6-7 months now!!!

Any advice appreciated, thanks


  • i think its up to you. I never really drank much, i mean id have cocktails on my Bday and that was it except for a glass of malibu on Christmas or something-so me giving up is nothing at all!!!

    I would do what makes you calm, what makes you feel normal and forget the stress of ttc. Do whatever you like or would feel best doing while being surrounded by friends or going out for a lovely time in London!!

    x x x
  • Thanks HomeFairy- not that into to drink either so it wouldnt be much anyway! Might just have a couple on
  • Have fun, honestly my Mums a social worker and has also heard me talking about how i want to get my body healthy for *when we do try* (she doesnt know) and she comes out with some crazy stuff she's seen and how the babies are mostly healthy-she thinks i go too far!!

    x x x
  • I have been drinking whilst trying, I'm allowing myself 2 drinks a week, I'm sure 1 or 2 drinks on Friday night wont do any harm hun. The amount of people that fall pg after drunken 1 night stands and nothing is wrong at all - sure 2 drinks wont hurt : - )
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