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Any Ideas?

Well the stupid witch came today...I hate her!!! Pains worse than ever & a constant reminder that I'm not pregnant ...AGAIN!!! image I feel so sad & really not sure where to go from here. We are however going to the DRs on Thursday morning to see if we can get checked out, just to put our minds at rest that it is maybe just a waiting game & there is nothing really wrong!

Just wondering if anyone had any good ideas about where to go next...?

We are now going into our 9th month of trying...I have been using OPK's & charting BBT's for the last couple, however I have always had a 28 day cycle & therefore, its not really telling me anything I didn't already know!! We've always been BD'ing around the right time. This month we did SMEP to the letter, I've cut down on caffiene, alcohol, tried to eat much more healthier, tried the cushion under the bum trick, but still nothing.

If anyone has any bright ideas, I'd be happy to listen to them!

Love me xx


  • hey, i started taking pregnacare this month, as it has all the essential nutrients in it for pregnancy and TTC. not much help i no but every little helps! try not to worry to much i no its so hard but im sure you will get there xx
  • Hay hun..... well if you find out the answer to that 1 then could you please tell me image month 18 and i am no closer then u :lol:

    Hope all goes well at the docs and you get your BFP very soon xx
  • Sorry Gembags...didn't mean to sound like that...just was wondering if there was anything I was missing...image xx
  • oh no i was messing about u didnt sound funny.....

    Sorry thats me trying to be funny :lol::lol::lol:
  • Oh that's OK... :lol:
    Last thing I want to do is offend anyone xxx
  • me either......

    I think your doing all the right things hun.
    maby you could try having a month off and just BD.... i did try this and i was more stressed coz i didnt know what was going on lol
    or even have lots of sex image
    Hope you get your bfp very very soon xxx

    (sorry again)

    P.S send (((((hugs)))) coz AF got you xx

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  • No need to apologise gem...forgotten about it already!!! & thank you for the hugs, they are *always* welcome!!! image

    I think I might have a month off checking so much, but I'm so used to charting BBT's now that I'm not sure if I could stop...although I'm not sure why I do as I OV on CD13 every month so its a bit of a waste of time :lol: thinks it kinda makes me feel like I'm doing something at least!

    Always get told by my friends (the 2 that know about us TTC) & OH that I should stop stressing so much, but its in my nature...! image

  • I suppose if any of us had all the answers there would be no need for this forum. To me it sounds like you are right on track with what you are already doing. Good idea to vistt the docs - he may be able to put your mind at rest.

    Keep up the PMA

    J x
  • aw curls, so sorry the witch has got you!! i dont think there would be any harm in visiting your gp!!

    as sun shine has said try and keep uo the PMA!!! your dream WILL come true chick!! look at me and how long I was tryingimage xxxx
  • Cheers *byrony* & sun_shine! Just didnt want there to be something obvious I was missing image As I can be a *bit* stoopid sometimes.

    Really want to visit the GP to put my mind at rest but scared at the same time...dont want to hear what he has to say if its bad news image but I know the PMA will come back...starting tomorrow I'm sure!!!! image

    I hope your little bean is getting nice & comfyimage
    x x x
  • Hiya curls, i think you're doing the right thing going to the dr. It will help you relax if nothing else.
    We are in cycle 6 and i said to dh if there's nothing by the time the summer hols start i want to go to the dr. The only reason im leaving it til then is cos we only started using opks in cycle 4. we're taking the pregnacare for both of us and following smep so like you, im not sure what else can be done.
    Keep your pma hun, im sure it won't be bad news xxx
  • Thanks Kaiti B...I might have a look at this pregnacare, am taking folic acid but suppose the rest cant help & might get hubby onto something too!

    x x x
  • the pregnancare do one for couples now like the sanatogen- ive got hubby on them too.
  • Oh that sounds good, thanks Kaiti!! Will check them out soon! image xx
  • Curls - you could try "Pre-seed" - it's a lubricant which is supposed to help the swimmers reach your egg. I have got a box of 5 and trying it this month. They are pretty pricey - so probably best to use when you are sure you are ovulating.

    However I'm also getting an ovulation blood test on Friday (7 days before AF is due) as I'm not sure I'm actually even ovulating. I'm 33 and been trying for a year already. I'm also trying a CBFM this month too - I'm on day 7 of high - assuming that I'll not get a peak if I'm not ovulating though.

    The other suggestion I have had is acupuncture - you can get it specifically for fertility. It's on my list for next month to check out .

    Hope this helps!

  • Hey sweetie, am so sorry, (((((hugs)))). I've been getting very impatient (only been 5 months) and we are trying preseed this month, fingers crossed it works - will let you know in a week xxxx
  • Ooooh loving these ideas...PMA is slowly coming back image...
    I've decided to buy the baby making bible & try to be a little more chilled this month (which is easy to say on CD2, you all just wait until CD10, when I'm going slightly crazy) :lol:
    Baby dust to everyone x
  • Hi Curls. I bought the baby making bible a few weeks ago, and I think I have read it every day and followed it to some extent. I'm not sure whether it's everyones cup of tea, but it's definately made me feel calmer and like I'm doing something to help myself. I'd recommend it. Good luck x
  • Thanks StarryNu, cant wait for it to be delivered...I'm away on a course next week so hoping it comes before then so I can read it til my hearts content on a night when I'm in the hotel image xx
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