very please

Hi all, Hope u all had a good xmas. haven't been on 4 a few days bcos have been at in laws and have haad no time to myself.
Anyway...I was due my af on 21st dec...(btw...advance tmi warning,,,sorry) but af didnt appear n i got a bit excited. went and bought a cheap test on xmas eve but when i went to do the test i found i had started bleeding very lightly...i was gutted! Normally I have really heavy periods which last 5/6 days but this time i have had a very light brown/pink bleed/spotting over 2 days and nothing since. I havent had any of the painful cramps i normally get either. took the cheap test mid morning and got a negative but it wasnt fmu. do i count this bleed as af or not? If it isnt af what could it be? Me and hubby are very confused and any advice wud b appreciated. Its driving me crazy. Thanx.

P.S. congrats to all those who have got their bfp over xmas. xox


  • TMD give it a week or so and try again. It could be an implantation bleed, if so then a BFP may not show yet! Just try to relax and give it a week like i said, if AF doesnt arrive in this time then test again! x
  • Tink is right wait then test again. Good luck x
  • Hi same thing happened to me I was bleeding over a space of a few days af coming and going and I dont even know if I have had a proper period this month but I kept on testing and getting a BFN.

    Like the others say wait a week and then test i was 21dpo when I tested and still got a BFN so hopefully you will be different and get your BFP.

    Fingers crossed hun x
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