Hi girls

Hi have not been on for about 5 days (not like me I know) how are we all doing?

K xx


  • hiya hope you are feeling better? i hope so xx
  • I do thank you very much, last week I thought I would never feel better. There seems to be loads of new people I have only been gone five days LOL

    K xx
  • hi k lou nice to see you back hope you feeling better. Well im due to ov hopefully in the next 3 days and im quite aprehensive,Got the sticks but just have this feeling nothing will show, like before. Had a lovely weekend with my girls and dh so kept me busy.

    Rach xx
  • Thank you, oh hun it;s so hard eh. I have told myself this month I am not checking a thing when it come sto OV and when I stop bleeding - this is my 6th day of my second real AF- we will start BD every other day.

    I am trying to relax a little more with it all but it is soo hard.

    K xx
  • Hi K-lou, nice to see you back on a feeling better. I'm on a PMA mode at the moment as I have done so much crying lately and it has got me nowhere in the last 11mths.


    So sending you some PMA too!
    Lulubell xx
  • Oh babe I am sorry to hear you have been so upset. It can just get to you sometimes eh. I feel like that in my 2ww on my last week, it's a horrid feeling.

    I am pleased to hear though you are feeling the PMA image

    k XXX
  • It is soo hard and awful when it gets to us all so much it makes us sad and depressed.
    I saw an old friend today and she got a huge bump i said congrats but just felt so jealous , now i feel bad but i couldnt help it.
  • Don't feel bad there is a friend at work who told me a few weeks ago she is a few weeks gone and I see her everyday and wish it was me.

    It is very hard but we have to keep strong, I am trying to think there are other good things going on in my life right now and this is not the be all and end all sort of thing and it has really helped.

    I know I have been ill but not being on this web site and thinking this way I have not thought about TTC for a week at all and I normally think anout it every single day for the last three months.

    We can do you this and it will happen for us...all of us image

    K xx
  • hi k-lou i have been away for a few days too, i used to be on all the time, but not so much anymore, lots of people who started ttc at the same time i did have even got their babies now! i seem to have been on here forever!...im not giving up though! so we have to try our best and carry on!! hope u get that bfp soon hugs xxx
  • Hi K-Lou

    Wondered where you had been for last couple of days - was going to put a call-out! I missed reading all of your sympton spotting!
    Glad you are feeling better.
    I am on 2ww - I think! My cycles are so erratic am not sure when AF is due but I think between 14th and 18th July.
    Did not get +ve on ov test at all this cycle but bd'd when had CM so am a bit hopeful?!
    Good luck to you for month 3.
  • pae - I am sad to say I did feel different by not being on this web site every day but I know once I am back to work I will be on it again. I do wish you all the luck for your BFPimage

    luckymumoftwo - LOL you know know what I am like LOL oh man the 2ww is a killer. My AF is all over the place it's driving me mad.

    K xx
  • yay - she's back!! We missed you xx Was barcelona good??
  • Hi K, it has been strange without you about! Hope you are better! I'm CD 11 now, coming up to ov at end of week I think! xx
  • Hi K-Lou,nice to see you back!
    I'm due af on Thursday,but as she was 2 days late in finding me last month i am going to test on Sunday if she hasn't visited me before!! xx
  • Hellooooooooooo

    I never went to Barcelona that is this friday i fly I was off work for three days as I had Gastric Flu - thought I was dying LOL

    I am on CD7 and I think i have stopped bleeding thank god though were I have been on pain killers I have now got thrush!! So will have to take a pill for that tonight and then it takes 5 days i think so wont be able to start bd till I get back from Barcleona which will be on sunday. I think i am due to OV next week wed I think the 15th .

    K xxx
  • lol, it could only happen to you K!image

    I found out a friend of mine is ttc as well, the other night. So I have 2 people to talk to now! Yay! Obviously as well as all you girlies!

    It's a shame you can't get some bd'ing before you go on the hen weekend K. Never had it, but thrush is a pain. xx
  • I know!!! I had this about 6 or 7 weeks ago and now i know what the hell is was!!

    And I have had thrush a lot as well, I think with taking all the meds and then the stress which i am always it has not helped.
    To be honest part of me actually does not mind not doing it tillI get back. I really really want to take a more relaxed approch to it this time around. I check CM like there is no tomorrow - wont be doing that this time - I did not bother taking my temp and I am not touching my cervix either.

    Lets see how well I do!!

    What date are you due to OV again?

    K xx
  • lol, yeah we'll see what your will power is like!image Hopefully the relaxed approach will work for you. I'm not going down that track just yet. Still feel I need to be actively doing something at the moment.

    I think I am due to ov around the end of this week, mycycle.com says 12th, but I think it might be on Friday. I'm waiting for EWCM, and have ov sticks, just to check I have a surge when I get it! I'm not obssessed yet, so not using the ov sticks daily etc, but come back to me next month...if I don't get pg this one! xx
  • Hi K-Lou,

    I'm back after being off again - sometimes it's good to have some time away especially when the whole TTC thing is taking over your life!

    My AF arrived last week so I'm on day six now of month 13 or 9, we're starting investigations which is a little sad as I was hoping we'd never get to this but hey ho! shit happens I guess.

    I hope month three is lucky for you, but remember it takes the majority six months so don't stress yourself out. Chances are you'll be preg by Christmas!

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