Out the running...for atleast 2 months.a hatemybody rant

Well not only do I have a cycst the size of a plum in my groin. I have had a abnormal smear, I've got either cin 2 or cin 3, dyskaryosis. Which is basically more then 2 thirds of my cervix is cover with abnormal cells. I've got to have colopscopy and biopsy which will tell them the serverity and how quick the cells r growing. I'm probably going to have part oft cervix removed and more investigation into if the cyst is somehow related.

If it is pre cancerous (and not cancerous fingers crossed!) and hasn't spread that will be the end of it and I will have to have check ups to make sure it doesn't return. I've been told that to stop ttc immediately as I won't be able to be treated If I get bfp.

Yet another waste of a few months, and the doc warned me treatment has a small chance of affecting my fertility as I will have a weaken cervix.

So girls always make sure you have a smear. I had one a year ago and got a clear result. Wasn't going to bother this time, so glad I did. I'm only 25 and healthy and didn't think it would happen to me!


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  • Oh Baby-princess I'm so sorry to hear about everything you're going through. I know it's easy for me to say but try and stay positive at this stage. Sending you great big hugs Hun xx
  • Hi BP... sorry to hear your news did you have any pain or was this just picked up at the smear?
    I know it is hard but dont feel too bad about missing a few months you are still young and at the moment your health is the most important thing.... let us know how you get on x
  • Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear your crappy news! At least they spotted it now and not when you had got your BFP as I imagine that would have been super stressful!

    Hope it all goes well and you can get back to TTC asap x
  • Thanks for all your kind messeges. It was a regular smear, bit I've been having pain down there for a while, bit the doctors have just said it's period pains ( even when i'm not on my period!) I've got an appointment now for next week, really disappointed that I can't start smep like planned image x
  • aww hun sorry for your news, sending big hugs and hope you can get back to ttc as soon as possible.xxxx
  • Where I've lived in different boroughs their pcts have different guidlines. My last one was ages 24 and over to have tests. Where I live now it's 25 and over so a week or two b4 my birthday I got a letter saying I ca
    have one.

    Thanks for the advice toria, I'm really starting to feel everythings against me at the mo, xx
  • Hey hun, so sorry to hear that, but once you get it sorted you can get that bfp! ((((hugs)))) xxx
  • Oh hun, Get well soon and hope to see you back on here soon xxx
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