too early?

:\? ok ladies, i woke up at 3.35 this morning needing a wee, i felt very sick and was unable to get back to sleep, i have sore (.)(.) and slight cramping, i got up this morning and was sick !!! i can say the last time i was pg i felt exactly the same, but surely its far too early for symptoms? maybe im just coming down with something, any thoughts? xx xx


  • You seem to have all the symptons!!

    Good luck, you deserve that BFP xxx

  • I wouldn't be able to wait, i'd have to test!! I'd wait until the morning to do it that not meant to be better? Good luck.
  • ow thankyou dotty! kdeeley, my af not late yet, so scared to get a bfn! i did feel really rough this moning, now settled a lil, i just think im getting a bug or food poisoning lol knowing my luck! how u both doing ? xx

  • I'm good, still got another 9 days before AF is due, arggghhh, I hate the wait!!

    You have to have a BFP, you've got a wedding next August and having a new baby there would be perfect!! Be strong and try not to test yet xx
  • i know! perfect timing! but only 50/50 chance to be a bfp or bfn image i have got all the sign of but i doubt it iv got no pma atm! u got any symptoms? xx

  • I don't want to look for symptons, but had pink CM 2 days ago, so hoping for implantation and i've had a metallic taste in my mouth since I woke up this morning. Apart from that, nothing, but being optimistic it is still early for me!! xx
  • thats good signs! i didnt want to ss either, but being sick this morning was a bit of a biggie! buuut im still being optimistic too, but then again even if i did get my bfp i wouldnt believe it! im cramping now really feels like af coming so gotta stop getting so excited...always another month to try xx

  • tianna how many days have you got until af is due? I have 10 days to wait - I am so impatient - been feeling dizzy but dont want to ss, I dont know how soon you can get symptoms from
  • maybe too early for symptoms or not, only mother nature knows. Been having similar feelings to you (although not feeling sick). The period pain seems every present and cramping every so often. And past two nights, been boiling at night, usually I'm cold.

    With my first one, got fed up of neg tests and I was nearly 7wks before I tested, even then line so faint you could barely see it. Although I did remember nausea but just thought all in my head.

    Will be really pissed with aunt flo if she shows up! who needs 2 wks of period pain??? AF due in seven days so will see.

    Fingers crossed you and hope you get a + TEST
  • thankyou all! well on the dr amy fertility predictor, it says i should have ovulated on the 2.11.09 so bd all the way through but cbfm said highly fertile from cd16 till now (but now peaks) opk that i took said i ovulated on the really i got no idea when i ovulated, my af was 19.10.09 so im asuming i should get af on 18.11.09?

    a lil confussed with it all, but from cd 7 iv been having cramps, now on cd24 they getting more obvious and stonger, could be af? xx

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