advice please - preparing for doctors appt

Hi Girls

I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow morning and have been writing notes in preparation as follows:

- think I have PCOs
- been off pill for 8 months
- cycles of 34, 47,33, 64 and currently on cd68
- have been tracking bbt for ov and on cycle 3, 4 and 5 I ov'd on day 21, 56 and no sign of ov yet in this cycle
- have done 40 days of ov sticks, all had a faint 2nd line, but no +ve result

- painful sex led to gynae investigations back in about 2003
- notes from then say 'slightly cystic ovaries' and lots of chat about PCOS treatment
- decided not to go ahead with metformin as kids were far from my mind
- was prescribed HRT in form of oestrogen gel which I took for a few years til my GP then refused to prescribe. The painful sex issue had resolved itself by then.

- been having regular sex, every few days
- taking pregnacare and using zestica
- now started to take agnus castus

So ladies - am I missing anything?? My ideal is that I get a scan and bloods to diagnose PCOS and then medication. Think the strongest indication is words in gynae letter in 2005 which was to support the use of the HRT which says 'in the presence of polycystic ovaries symptoms' and 'if her symptoms become too problematic she may require the addition of some Metformin if the cycstic appearance of her ovaries persists'.

Any comments on the way to play it tomorrow?? I so don't want to walk away with 'wait til 12months then come back'....



  • Hi Fergy,
    I think your well armed to go! I went to docs with complaining of only 2 periods since May and weight gain, and I'm now just waiting for scan to come through! Wish you look for tomorrow x
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