Just booked a tarot reading - watch this space

Hi Girls,

I feel so guilty because I promised DH that I wouldn't book one but I need reassurance that everything will be OK.

I know people that have gone to see her and she has said who's Charlie or Steve and it's the relatives of the person having the reading that she mentions....... very spooky!

We have been ttc for a year and we are in middle of fertility tests at moment but I have to do this, can't explain why, it's for my own benefit

Wonder what she will say " nah can't see any babies in your future just puppies" LOL

Not til September so have a while to think about it. Hopefully we will conceive next month so I won't have to go image


  • I dont see the harm in it myself, as long as you dont believe 100% everything your told, just go in with an open mind and see what happens. If its something you feel you need to do then you should otherwise you will allways wonder if you dont. I hope you get your bfp before then so it will save you a trip and some money.XXX
  • I really wanted to book one of these too, but scared what they'll say! Let us know how u get on, although hopefully u wont be able to as ur have a bfp to tell us instead! xxx
  • I am a little scared also but excited. I will let you know how I get on

    I reckon if you go in with an open mind then I won't be hurt or dissapointed.

    How long have you been ttc Clarkie?
  • I love anything to do with this.

    i went to see a guy who was spot on with everything.
    i'd def see him again. everyone i know whos seen him have said how amazing he is. i know some people don't believe but theres no way this guy could have guessed and got some of the stuff he said right as it wasn't just general stuff.
    i first seen him in a pub about 3 weeks after my dad died and he walked up to my oh and said i've got your father in law here and he told us everything about my dad even down to his name, age, date, time and how he had died. even things i had said to my dad when i was on my own in a hospital room with him. and things my mam had said which i asked her when we got home and she said was right. so spooky.

    after that we booked a one on one. there were 4 of us 3 men and me.
    my husband went in to see him and he said your father in law is here (my dad) but he's come to see his daughter shes here and hes waiting to see her because shes coming in last. and i was. spooky as. and he didn't know the order we'd chosen or even that i was there as he didn't see me when he came in and the rest who were seeing him before me were all men.
    i told oh not to mention he was with me cos i wanted to see if he picked up on it and mentioned about children. so he couldn't have known out of the 3 men who were there which one was my oh but he knew. he told my oh stuff about kids and oh wouldn't tell me until i'd been in to see if he said the same.
    he said we'd been trying and not to worry he could see a baby boy being born first and can see november but he didn't know if that was the birth date or conception date and he said the same to oh.
    so we'll see how right he is when it happens.

    let us know what yours says.
  • Hi Maddie

    I do believe in the spiritual side of life. So much so I have been learning loads about it recently. Was asked to pick a card from a pack. It had a prayer on the card which was all about fertility and new birth. So I've got a good feeling now!!
  • That's great news about the prayer card, hope it happens for you soon

  • I went to see one at the beining of June but too honest I didn't rate her that much this time. I had seen her before and found her more acruate.

    She told me this time that I am worried that I am not able to get pregnant but she can see it happening in the near future. However there were lots of other things that I just thought were way off - ie asking about the man in my life now and why he was so afraid of marriage and commitment and no matter how much I insisted that I didn't know why she kept going on about it - till I pointed out my reason for not knowing was that I had got married to him in October last year lol
  • i love anything to with this and have always wanted to do a tarot reading or see a medium but if i'm honest i'm really scared that they said something about not seeing children in my future! Still would like one though one day lol
  • Ive had a few reading off....wait for it....ebay! One lady is really good, but when I asked about a baby she said within the year! And weve already been trying 7 months so left me totally depressed. Just hope shes wrong :\?
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