my son wants a sister for xmas, testing 2mrw - fingers X'd


title says it all really, af due tomorrow, im pretty sure I ov'd 14 days ago and my son has asked santa for a baby sister (although i'm sure a brother would do). Its so sweet, I heard him whispering to Santa before he went to sleep that he's been a really good boy and should be on his 'good list' and that all he wants is a batmobile and a baby sister ( he's just turned 4 )

Wish me luck, a BFP would be the best xmas present ever, and i'll be so sad if af arrives. I'm keeping up the PMA for now. I'm usually an avid symptom spotter but can honestly say no symptoms at all apart from flushed cheeks, so could no symptoms be a symptom in itself if that makes sense?

Fingers crossed, and wishing everyone else lots of babydust too xx


  • Good luck huni, make sure you update us

  • Fingers crossed xx
  • Good luck hun! When I got BFP I had no symptoms at all so keep the pma up!! xx
  • hope you get a bfp good
  • It was neg image only a cheapo test (poundland), might get a superdrug test to take xmas morn unless af gets me first! Cant help but be a tiny bit down about it though. Thanks for the good wishes x x
  • aw hun, really hope its just a bad test and AF stays away xx
  • AF arrived this evening, im absolutely gutted, hubby doesn't understand how upset i feel, only you girls on here do. its just not fair image
  • Ah I'm so sorry doughball : ( I really do know how gutting it is as my af arrived yesterday and I was so disappointed I actually cried...feeling a bit better today and hoping that I can start the new year with a bean in January!! Hope you're ok honey, hopefully you will feel a bit better tomorrow and can look forward to Christmas instead. We're all here if you need to chat.x.
  • thanks, i can't stop crying, i've never been this upset about it before, i think i just really got my hopes up this time. its so hard now that my son is noticing that many of his friends at nursery have brothers and sisters or their mummys have baby bumps and he wants one too, he doesn't understand. I know its stupid but i feel like i've let him down. I hope i do feel better tomorrow, i finish work for christmas so thats something to look forward to.

    I'm sorry your AF came too, I know im not the only upset person out there, im lucky that I have one child when there are others struggling with their first. I feel stupid because i feel like im grieving for something that was never even there.

    anyway, wishing everyone lots of luck for 2010! xx
  • No need to apologise chick, the whole ttc thing is such an emotional rollercoaster so you have every right to feel upset. I thought we had done it this month too, thought I had symptoms etc but apparently not. I found it hard today hearing all the bfps too - even though I'm thrilled for all the ladies that got them it's still hard when you want it so much yourself. I'm sure that you'll give your little boy a baby brother or sister really soon...please don't feel like you've let him down hun, just remember that it is totally out of your control when that little bean decides to make it's appearance. I'm sure tomorrow will be better for you with finishing work, Christmas will be brilliant with your son as he's such a great age to enjoy it all : )

    Lots of luck for 2010 for you too, and Merry Christmas!!.x.
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