its a crazy TMI question!!

hey girls, i know after months of being on here that i can now ask anything and you will be kind about the stupidness of it!
here goes:
does anyone else find that when they have af that it kind of stops at night? whenever i lie down its seems to stop then when i'm up again and moving around it starts again - i always see adverts for night time towels and heavy flow for nights but to be honest i can get away with a liner!

as i'm now on mth6 ttc i prob analysing everything way to much, so wanted to know if anyone else is the same or does it mean theres something wrong with me or something is in the wrong place or angle? lol sounds silly i know!!!

i've been like this for as long as i can remember, but only now am i questioning it and everything else!!!

thanks in advance for reading!!


  • Sometimes I'm like this and put it down to gravity.
    I don't think its a stupid question!xx

  • I get the same - always have. Seems to slow down when you are lying down - and then comes back with force when you get up!! I think it perfectly normal hun xx
  • me too, sometimes i am the same and dont think it was a stupid question either, if you dont ask you will never know !! xx
  • thanks for the quick reply girls! it does put my mind at rest, something else to tick off the list of worries! lol!!
    i don't get on here as much now since starting new job, only really when i can prise laptop off oh, nice to know your still there for advice when needed!!
  • Its because when your laid dow the blood pools at your cervix...and when u stand up it comes down again....ttc month16...and know way to much info, lmao!!! xxxxxxx
  • I'm the same, never stopped over night when on the pill, but now when it gets lighter it stops! xx
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