No ewcm but + on opk?

Could the opk be wrong? I have hardly any cm at all and as the postive opk was Sunday I'd be ovulating by now but I'm quite dry down there.
Do you always get cm when ovulating?



  • G/C, sorry!

    I've never had ewcm and I'm pregnant with my second! I was convinced I wasn't ovulating because I never had any, but I seem to be 'working' without it.

    Good luck! image
  • I have read that the EWCM can sometimes stay 'up there' so you don't always see it yourself! So it could be there just doing its job out of sight! lol!!xx
  • some women dont notice it, i have a lot in my knickers when i ov but many ladies dont x
  • it sounds like you may have already ov'd if you are dry now. Sometimes I don't get ewcm either, but I have found that on a second attempt of checking, I can get some but you have to (sorry tmi) dig deep. This was one of the reasons why I started using BBT to make sure I was oving.
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