a line isn't always a line impertant news from clearblue

ive just rang clear blue because the line is only a PENCIL LINE they think i may of done a wee 4 too long on the test!! dont remember going this but hey thats wat they think i usally dip mine even with the wee on stick ones as i can be sure not to get in a mess well this is all i heard b4 my credit went on phone so i will ring them bk later and let u all know im off to do another CB and will only do it 4 the 5 seconds as it says and see wat happens but surely no matter how long u wee a line is a line???? xxxxxx


  • sorry that was meant to say important!!
  • why don't you give your GP surgery a call and make an appointment to be tested. Its better than second guessing the sticks and might reassure you?

  • stuckinlimbo- thats wat i thought it has really put a downer on my day but i have also got the doc to do a CB test 4 me surely they cant be doing it wrong as well can they?? xxxx
  • well thats wat i thought a preg test has to detect hgc for the dye to react and form a line so i think no matter how thin or faint it is its there!!! ive done a sample this morning so off to get a CB and try it let us no how u get on xxxx
  • oh also the line is showing up straight away as the test is working so its not as if ive wee'ed to much and its then got no where to go so forms a line!!!
  • Maybe they just want you to go out and spend more money on one of there tests!!! Good luck hun, im sure its + xxxxxxx
  • gc from baby here - i think who'ever you got through to at CB doesnt have a clue what they are talking about!! what an idiot, if there is not enough HCG then it doesnt matter how bloody long you wee for or hold it in your wee.... it's not guna pick it up. LOL

    was it a man by any chance??

    Congrats though for your line...... sounds like you may have done it! X
  • I remember when I did my test the instructions on CB do say the line should be the same thickness as the other crossline. Can be faint or dark but should be the same thickness. All sounds a bit strange to me, as I have had plenty of blank ones previously when I wasn't pregnant.

    Fingers crossed that this is your BFP huney.
  • well girls i just got another CB done as the instructions say i got another line only this time it wasnt a pencil line it was the same thickness as the other lines but very very faint so maybe they were right im not 2 sure but i also did boots own on same sample n it was BFN !!!!
  • Without being the voice of doom my friend got multiple faint positives but the doctors test was BFN and her AF arrived three weeks later.

    Hopefully your doctors test will give you the answer you are looking for.

    Fingers crossed xx
  • Fingers crossed for you x all very confusing when tests show opposite!
  • I just remembered that my cb bfp was like that with my last baby. I just went and had a look (yes i still have it! lol) it was a faint thin line! xxxx
  • debbicmc - u have cheered me up lol mine r thin but quite dark AF is 10 days late now xx
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