hello again ladies, been away for a year. Now im back TTC!!!

Hello all, ive been away for a year having been ttc for almost 12months! Me and OH decided to take a years break to settle down and concentrate on planning our upcoming wedding.

Ive lost almost 3 stone in weight- hoping this was why i couldnt concieve before!
Now after a break of almost a year im back and me and hubby-to-be have decided to commence TTC again as we'd love a baby bubbaz to share after our wedding!

Id love to hear any tips to help us out, ive kinda forgotten everything!! hehe

i look forward to getting to know you all and sharing our TTC experience



  • welcome back hun,im sure you'l get back into the swing if things in no time

    most important tip is to have fun in what your doing :lol: xxx
  • Welome back and well done on the weight loss. Hopefully that will help with the ttc.
    Im sure it will all come back to you once you start reading the maddness going on in here image
  • Hey Dummymummy welcome to ttc, hopefully you wont have to stick around too long..in a good way of course! x
  • welcome back x
  • thanks so much everyone, its great to be back!! fingers crossed for us all, i remember how stressful the whole thing got me last time- i just need to relax and enjoy it more this time round hehe xxx
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