(sorry tmi) - Pinky discharge

Hi ladies, bit of info needed.x .... af was on 29th june so now on CD19. Still no sign of Ov. had few cramps but no cm and nothing showing up on ov sticks. I thought i had 28day cycles which makes me even more confused! ....anyhow last night i had quite strong cramps and today when i wipe after a wee :rollimagesorry tmi) - there is some very light pinky coloured discharge???? surely it cant be af coming if i havent ov'd inbetween? is this possibly a sign of ov?? :\?


  • I had a small amount of pinky/brown CM on ovulation this month so perhaps it's a sign?
  • thanks Wispa, best get bd'in tonight then just incase..lol xxx
  • How are you charting your ov? Or which signs are you looking for?
    It may be possible you've missed it?
  • ive been using the test strips twice a day since last day of af and had no cm at all so pretty sure ive not missed it??? confused..lol xx
  • Hmmm bummer!
    In that case maybe it is that you are ov now. I wonder if your test strips will show +ve now or have you stopped using them this cycle?

    In any case it sounds like one of those odd cycle things if you haven't yet ov.

    I wouldn't worry but see if the same happens next month.

    Are you recently off the pill or other hormones?
  • still using strips an no +. Noticed Mrs*me* has just got a + on CD22 so you never know? Cd20 today?
    Came off pill in may after been on it for a yr, was minipill so no break inbetween months.
  • I will keep everything crossed that you get a +ve opk soon xx
  • heya nic, yeah keep testing, pink/brown discharge is a sign of ov, hopefully u will get a + soon, still not 100% that mine was a + lol. but its faint again now. so must of been? who knows! lol. just keep testing and it will come image
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