How long has everyone been trying?

Just being nosy really. We've been trying since August last year - but on 8th proper cycle due to long cycles and life getting in the way at times!

How bout you all?

Rach x


  • 11 cycles this cycle.... since sept last year - well sept was a bit of lets just not use protection all the time, and officially started obbessing/trying in oct.....
  • We have been trying 8 months x
  • I am moving on to month 3 for me image
    K xx
  • Thanks guys it's good - I feel like an old timer sometimes!

    SY have you already got a little one then? that's quite reassuring as I find it hard not to worry sometimes and think it's never going to happen!!

    Rach x
  • only month number 2 for us, i think we may have a long wait also! x

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  • this is our first month really as we did'nt really bd last month..
  • yeah he's 13 months now - he was a massive surprise as i was told i probably wouldnt be able to have them! But now back to the not having one part me thinks...... We concieved him in 3 weeks, and i think OH thought he had magic sperm... :lol:
  • Since March, but had a bfp and a mc in that time. I have messed up cycles and am about to start being tested for PCOS so it could be a while for us too. x
  • only month 2 but no af in that time so really month 1
  • going in2 month 10 now, had a mc in december. xxx
  • Thanks for your replies girls - it's reassuring to know I'm not the only one in this position/ time frame. I'm so sorry to hear about your m/cs lilac and babyb the same thing happened to us in October - it's hard isn't it. I try and think positively and think there was obviously something wrong and it wasn't meant to be.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone - lets have a BFP bumper month!!

  • Weve been trying since october but lost count on cycles as they can be anything from 21 days to 26 ! ggrrrr

  • ...okay i get it :roll: So im the only one who's been on this road for 31/2 yrs.. well good to know lol ( case nature decides to come up with a "first-in, first-out" rule :lol:
  • Hi,

    4 months in total.....had mc nearly a month ago now..

    F x
  • We were on month 4 when I got my BFP, but sadly miscarried last week too image

    We're trying again straight away so fingers crossed we get a sticky one next time

  • Month three for us, mc first month. x
  • I was trying for 16 months, with nothing then suddenly got a BFP so dont give up hope girls...

  • Month six(with 4 attempts) at diy donor artificial insemination.Thought it would be easy as my lo, whos 3, was an accident-the only time in 17 years that I'd had unprotected sex!!-How wrong was I!!!
  • Hi we are on month 13 at the minute. Am going in for a lap and dye in the next 10 weeks. (waiting lists PAH) So hopefully will be finding out what is wrong if anything but hoping for a BFP in the meantime.
  • Going into month 3, but not sure wots up with my cycle only 23 days and spotting b4 AF, an gunna use ov sticks this month to see if it's happnin or not. So fingers crossed, lots of baby dust to everyone and here's to july being a huge bfp monthxxx

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