OPK advice

Hi ladies - I just wanted to know if the ovulation predictor kits are all the same?
Would it be better to get a branded one, or would the Boots own be exactly the same?

Many thanks
Bronz xx


  • Aggr BE ate my reply!

    I've just started using the Clear Blue Digital opks. I didn't want the hassle of trying to work out if the line was dark enough to be classed as Ov - I know some ladies on here never got a darker line. The CB ones give you a smiley face which takes the guessing out of it.
    Downside is at over ??20 for 7 tests they are bloomin expensive! I'm down to one test and still no smiley, really don't want to buy more.
  • Hiya, Im using CBD packs and it is so much less hassle just looking for a smiley face - like MrsFozz has said though - very pricey. Im on my 2nd pack this month as didn't feel I could trust the cheap ones off ebay!!! But still no smiley face - so maybe its just me :\(
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