woo hoo am feeling better

I booked today off work so I could rest at home and I feel so much better my belly is better to though now hubby has pains in his belly so I am hoping I have not given it to him!!!

I am so excited about trying next week, I should be OV around the 16th but we are going to start from this weekend as you never know LOL

K xxxx


  • Glad work let you have the day off K-Lou. Enjoy it and have a great weekend! The way you are feeling now is just right for getting pregnant! And if not, have fun trying anyway!!! xx
  • I know I have been so stresed the last 4 or 5 weeks we lost somebody in the family and then I missed a period had loads of worries with that then was ill and now I am just strating to feel happy again you know image

    K xxx
  • really glad to hear your getting better!!

    hope hubby doesn't have it but at least if he has you know not to give him anything and just let it run its course!!

    good luck for next week!!!
  • Glad to hear you are feeling better K-lou. Keep rested so you can save all your energies for bd!!!!

  • I never knew bd meant baby dance till the other day, it;s so cute image

    k xxxx
  • Really glad you are feeling better, and more relaxed.

    Good luck! xx
  • Glad you are feeling better and enjoying your day off! Good luck
  • Thanks girls, hope your all enjoying your friday nearly home time for you image

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