Could I be PG already?


I am not sure if I could be PG or if it's just my body adjusting to not being on the pill and wondered what everyone thought?

I started my last pill AF 21 days ago. At around CD11 i got spotting and cramps, and for the last week I have been bloated (have never had water retention when AF due), slight spotting, cramps, EWCM (i think) and also headaches and nausea every night? I can't say if boobs are sore as I suffer from that anyway as a general rule (mastitis I believe it is called!)

Could I be PG or has my body just gone haywire? If I could be would you say it is too soon to POAS?

Any advice appreciated!:\?


  • Hi immense

    Not really sure if you could be pregnant - am fairly new to all this myself.

    I also came off the pill at the beginning of the month, think I OV'd last weekend (lots of EWCM anyway) and have also had headaches and nausea all week.

    Have also had cramps on and off - am waiting until next week and if still feel like this think I am going to POAS.

    Sorry not much help but hope it helps to know you are not the only one feeling like it :\)

    Let us know how you get on

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  • Hi immense, it's a difficult one to judge.
    I came off the pill at the end of March, had that af, now CD 7 of my first proper af. I had pain in right lower abdomen, that originally thought was ov pain, but clearly wasn't as have same pain now with af! So my body definitely appears to have had to adjust to being off the pill.
    It depends on how long your cycle is, as to whether it's too early to test. Sometimes they can be erratic, while the body is still adjusting. If you think you should have had a proper af by now, then test. I did just to be sure, as wasn't sure how long cycle was going to be. Turned out it was 30 days.
    Hope that helps. xx
  • thank you both for your replies. It is nice to know I am not the only one feeling like this!!

    I am not sure how long my cycle will be (I am on CD22 today) as before I went on the pill 10 years ago i was extremely irregular - anywhere from every fortnight to every 6mths!!

    I think what I will do is go by the average cycle of 28 days and if nothing has happened by CD30 / 32 I will POAS!!

    Thanks again!!image
  • Sounds like a plan. Let us know. xx
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