2ww any one

Hi im so excited on my 2ww Im 4DPO and just feel so good about it all any one want to join me in my wait..x


  • hiya im on my 2ww on current day 22 of 35 day cycle not sure when ov
    good luck xxx
  • me too image I'm 2dpo today and so far I'm feeling quietly confident (though don't want to tempt fate so shhhhhh image ) xx
  • Hi, I'm in the 2ww, I am 2 dpo. I hate the wait!! We did the SMEP this month for the first time so I am hoping it has made a difference! This is cycle 6 for us. how long for you? x
  • This is cycle 7 for me, (though technically cycle 6 after my mc) and it's my 2nd month with the CBFM

    Fingers crossed for us all ladies!! image xx
  • hi ladies, can I join?
    Am about 4dpo(depending on cycle length) of 9th cycle and really really hope we did it this month, am off work at the moment and really relaxed so it helped

    fingers crossed that we all did it this month
  • Hi shuck, hope this proves to be a thread full of BFP's image xx
  • Hi shuck, hope this proves to be a thread full of BFP's image xx
  • Hi ladies the waiting is the worst bit im on cd 16 of about aprox 28 day cycle my first month used OPKs and got a positive on it on the wed/thurs last week so 4dpo how u all feeling today? x
  • Hello image. I think I'm right at the beginning of the 2ww. Probably ovulated yesterday or the day before. We're in our sixth cycle of ttc. Hope this thread brings luck for us all.
  • hiya have just started the 2ww! so its a long wait for me! lots of BFP's aroundlately so fingers crossed for us!

    baby dust xx
  • hopfully we will all get our bfp together fingers crossed x
  • hello, im also on the 2ww! im dpo so a while to go for me! hope we get our bfp's!!!!!! fingers and toes crossed
  • Im also on 2ww. 1DPO so a little while to go for me.
    Good luck to all.x
  • i'm on 2ww, on 2DPO... so hoping its our month.... hopefully we'll all be reporting back with bfp image
  • goodluck to us all for this month ladies

    lots of baby dust to everyone xxxx
  • I'm so very bored of waiting and starting to go slightly mad. How is everyone else doing?
  • Going mad too... starting to symptom spot already, even though there is nothing to spot as yet... also worrying we didnt do it enough or did it too much argghhhhh......
  • im feeling good still felt a little icky today nd yest nd dead legs also
  • This is my 1st mth ttc, think i ovulated earlier this week so now on 2ww hopefully. Feels like it's gonna be a long 2 weeks.
  • Sounds promising, Sarah. Glad I'm not the only going mad, Mrs Owen, Hi Tilly.
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