What did you buy out of the sales?

Just for fun;

If you're anything like me, you live for the sales! I spent a small fortune in Next (it's my FAVE shop) and got about 5 pairs of shoes image jeans and few dresses, going to try them all on in a bit and then decide what I'm actually going to keep and what's going back.

What did everyone else get?



  • Ooh I got some clothes, undies and pyjamas from M&S, Next and Debenhams- all reduced and all on gift cards so didn't have to spend any of my own cash! Love it :\)
  • haven't actually been to the shops yet image
    buit am off to the Metro centre this week and still have gift cards(Next, Debbenhams and M&S) from my Bday and our wedding which we kept until now to get more out of them.
  • Nothing yet, am hitting the shops tomorrow! I know this is a bit abstract, but I'm hoping John Lewis has a wool sale cos I want to crochet a shawl and wool is just so bloomin' expensive!
  • I hate the sales, with a passion! I can't think of anything worse than trawling through rails and rails of clothes only to find something I like in 2 sizes too small :lol:

    I went on the tinterweb Xmas Eve while OH was at work and ordered some bits from River Island as they started the online sale then. Just had a new top and a cardi and a couple of tops for OH too. Might brave town in a few days to see what scraps are left :lol:
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