Hi everyone,

We're trying preseed this month and I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this??
I read that you need to use it 30 mins before the deed but do you have to stay laid down?! x


  • Hi Amy, I got both my last bfp's using preseed! (unfortunately my beans weren't sticky though), no you don't have to lie down to insert it, you can go to the bathroom and put it in and then come back to bed and then I would recommend not waiting more than 15 mins before you use it as it kind of melts a little. I use up to the 1.5-2 mark on the applicator each time, and just a word of warning, don't fill the applicator and turn it upsidedown or it will fall out on the floor! Just keep it upright and put it in right away (tmi!).

    dh and I really like the stuff, if you don't use too much if feels very nice and takes alot of effort out of revving up each time especially if you're using smep and you're on day 3 or 4 iykwim! image

    Good luck!
  • Lol! Babyonboard! I sooooooo know what you mean!

    Thank you so much for that info.
    I was worried that I may all leak out before I got to bed! Lol!

    I'll give it a go and hope for the best.

    I wasn't sure if I need it as I always get EWCM but after 14 months of trying for a baby i'm kind of wanting to get it over with already! Og God i'm such an awful person! So basically, i'm hoping that the preseed will help with that image
  • I think it will as I also get ewcm but it wasn't happening then I tried the preseed and hey presto I think it mimicks his stuff and yours so the spermies get good seperation and can swim away! image
  • Hi,

    this is also my first month of using preseed, iv used it 2day 4 the 1st time, I was told with the info i had to use up to mark 3...then to wipe away any access? Im on cd8 of month 8...lets hope we have some good news soon ladies?xx
  • Hiya, sorry if im really thick but what is preseed?
  • It's a 'personal' lubricant that is sperm friendly as most lubricants kill the sperm - but really it's more than that as it is supposed to help the swimmers reach their destination! It definitely helps around ov time too when 3 days of bding later you need some 'assistance'!

    I swear by it as I have had two bfp's using it! (unfortunately mc'd) but back at it with my preseed in hand now image
  • Oh that's great! Thank you!
    Liannemg i'm CD11 so only a few days more than you. This silly world cup is going on for so long so I doubt there will be an bd tonight!
    I can't wait to try it tomorrow! x
  • Hi

    I used this for the 1st time the day that I was ovulating on the cycle that I fell pregnant in May. Unfortunately I lost the pregnancy, but I'm definitely going to be using it when we try again! I didn't use it 30 mins ibn advance though - just made sure hubby wasn't in the room when I was doing what I had to do and then we were away!
  • we tried for 2 years and first month i use preseed i get a bfp.I'm on my 2nd month of ttc again and got some preseed in ready hope im as lucky again
  • Oh my goodness! What great reviews! I can't wait to use it now!! Thanks ladies xxxx
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