OPK advice

....does the test ALWAYS show a faint pink line, or does this only show on the days building up to OV and then fade to nothing again?
just wondered if having a pretty dark one (almost as dark as test line) is a sign thats its about to happen, or does it always show a line and then just gets really dark before it happens?
sorry....not making much sense!!!!



  • *bump* - help!
  • I found that most days I had a faint pink line (a couple of days I really had to look for it but mostly it was obvious) and then on two days in a row I got a really strong line and I'm pretty sure that was ovulation as also had other symptoms. Hope that helps!! xx
  • thanks mrsS - i am so confused, as i am SO early in my cycle (cd11) and yesterday the line was very strong...not as strong as test line, but pretty close. and my last cycle was 46 days (although this was first af since coming off pill) so do you think i could be ov? not had many other symptoms - i.e. not got any CM but have slight cramping today.
    i had some dark brown cm on wednesday and quite a strong line on OV test thursday too.

    god, why cant this just be simple?! xx
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