tmi question (sorry) please help

hi, well im on cd 18/19 still havent had my + on my clearblue ovulation test. ive been testing first thing in morning since cd 7 lol.
right so me and the hubby did the deed last night (we have been bdding every other night since af finished.) all day going to the toilet as normal then when i went at 6pm there was lots of cm, could this be left overs of his little men or cud it mean im ovulating?? i had alot of the yucky stuff when i first went to the toilet this mornin but nothing all ay - im confused???
i would do another test tonight but ive only got 3 sticks left and dont want to waste them if i dont get a + by fri.
any advise much welcome xxxxx


  • Cant help you i'm afraid but having the same issues, not using ov tests but i'm never sure if im seeing ewcm or left overs... makes it difficult to guess... hope you get your +ve soon x
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