pelvic ultrasound scan UPDATE

Hi all,

I am due to go and have a pelic ultrasound scan on Thursday and just wondered if anyone else has had one. I am starting to worry about it now and scared that they may find something. I guess that means that at least if there is something then something can be done about it???

Well I went for my scan hoping that ld be ok, and they found a large cyst on my left ovary.:cry: Im not really sure what that means for ttc but have researched ovarian cysts on NHS website and it states that they can often go away and that they dont affect fertility, so Im hoping that all is ok. Im need to see GP now in 7-10 days to discuss options. Has anyone else had or have a ovarian cyst? Does anyone know anyone that has had them and gone on to conceive?

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  • is the pelvic ultra sound the one where its treated like a 'if your preg' one?

    Ive had a couple of those because when i was younger and id get really sore stomachs.

    sorry i dont know,

    x x x
  • Hi hun, I've had an external scan on my kidneys which was fine, and a couple of internal scans which are as Claire-ski describes, not too bad, bit strange but no worse than a smear or any other kind of internal exam.

    Good luck -whats the scan for?

  • Hi Hun,

    I've also had an internal scan and they sound much worse than they actually are. I didn't find it all painful, just a little uncomfortable (coming from someone who hates smears with a passion)

    Good luck and let us know how you get on

  • Oh thank you-i wasnt too sure.

    I haven had one of those honey, but i hope everything is ok. Sorry i couldnt help.

    x x x
  • Hay hun, just wanted to wish you luck and (((((HUGGSSS))))

    gems xxx
  • Thanks Gembags. Hows things?x
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