ten days late-bfn,dr update STILL BFN

Im so confused. Im on day 45 (ten days late) ive had no stress, im just the same as normal and ive had two bfns. Im really starting to worry something is wrong with me now- but ive only really worried from about day 37 or so. This seems really late for me. Should i try and book an appt with the Dr, it normally takes about 5 days to get one.


Update - last night i had really sore overies (well it was that area) and heat was making it 10x worse. ive booked the Drs for tomorrow so hopefully even if AF comes he can tell me if there is anything up.


This will be the last update!!-
Still BFN at the Drs, but he was so lovely and i asked loads of questions and feel a little bit better about it. He did suggest that it may not be showing up, and he was concerned about the pain, but i just think AF will be around the corner, but i do feel like it will come.

Thanks to everyone for being so lovely.

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  • Hi hun, how regular are they usually?

  • every 35 days-so it always works out 4 weeks from last day of AF.

    I have read over what ive said and i know its really obv im worrying now, but i really didnt worry around the time as i was due my AF on Christmas day!

  • I'm not quite sure what to advise tbh hun. DFo you have any symptoms of pg at all? I wouldn't be too worrried, more frustrated than anything I think!

    I really hope it's a shy bean for you

  • Hi HomeFairy mine are normally 35 days and this month I had a 40 day weird cycle.

    You can visit your docs but I dont think they will do anything until youve been trying a year. I went to my docs about the same thing and they noted on my records I was trying for a baby, wished me luck and said see you in November if you have any more problems..............not very sympathetic I must add.

    Good luck hun, keep me posted xx
  • I go see my gp... a cycle that long can be dangerous xx
  • hi hun DEFINATELY DON'T worry- a girl i know was a week late, did 3 different test and all said BFN, she went to docs, they did a blood test, which confirmed she was PG. we have to remember that in such early stages it is sooo normal for hcg levels not to register. i would book an appt with doc definately, good luck let us know ur results xxx
  • To tell the truth i have no symptoms at all. No tummy twinges, no sickness and no sore breasts.

    I dont know whats up as ive had loads of EWCM. I googled it and one thing said it could be early signs of preg and the other said it was a sign that i couldnt be!!

    I will try and book tomorrow if they're open, and i'll act to the receptionist its some sort of emergency!!

    I think i will cry if the Dr brushes me off though!

  • Hay hun i am in the same boat and sinking image

    I always have a 28 day cycle for the past year + anyway and today i am on CD41 image i am 13 days late and i got a BFN thismornig
    symptoms i have LOTS of EWCM and thats it really pains have gone about a week or so ago althought today i am feeling quiet sick but i havent eaten yet.

    Good Luck Hope you get your BFP very soon xx
  • Oh thank you, you too.

    Im not doing anymore tests as i did one on Christmas Eve (one day early so i wouldnt be upset on Christmas) and then kept doing them after and ive given up.

    Im really trying to be chilled, but i think now im making myself stressed so its a big cycle with no AF!!

    I read your other post and you do seem chilled so i really hope you are doing ok, i wish i was more like you!!

  • I would wait maybe a week and if still no AF then go and see your doc, tell them you have been trying and they should be able to do a blood test
  • Do you think i should cancel the appt? as AF might just turn up seeing as im sore? Im over the whole "maybe im preg" thing and now im just worried incase there is something wrong with me. Do other people get this late? I thought i was normal to always be 35 days, but maybe i was lucky?
  • If u have the appointment would me silly to loose it even if its just putting your mind at rest image

    I am now 15 days late and nothing no preg signs and Nothing from AF
    I am going to wait till next week and go to the docs in the 17 months ttc i have had a reg AF for 13months and never gone passed 35days so i am starting to think theres summit up.
    I defo know i am not preg + another BFN

    gems x


  • thank you. im being such a worrier, i think even if the Dr just gets cross at me about taking up appts i'd feel happier knowing all was well.
    Are you going to wait as you might get some extra help seeing as you've been trying for a little while now? I hope they can help you when you do go.
  • They wont help coz i have had 1 child.
    When i went after my 2nd mc the doc said " u have a child and have had 2 mc so u can get preg" but that was all that was said.
    I have changed doc so if i get to go i will mention it again but will prob be told i am overweight so loose weight 1st x

    Good Luck hun xx
  • oh honey thats terrible, i never thought they'd say that.
    i really hope you get a nice Dr next week.
  • Hey i would def go to the docs and get checked out, i had regular 30 day cycles and when AF didnt arrive i kept getting BFN. Its only this monday that i finally got BFP and ive had no symptoms until now at all. Hope you get your BFP soon.x
    Meant to say AF was due 15th Dec and its taken all this time for BFP, hopefully you have a shy bean like me.x

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  • Thank you Heather83-i read your post and got very excited for you, how lovely!!
    Im going at ten past four today so maybe, im more scared incase there is something wrong with me!!
  • Good luck at the docs HomeFairy! Hope you get everything sorted out. Fingers crossed all the way. Let us know the results, if you're comfortable with that of course!!!
    Be careful in the snow.
  • Thats exactly how i felt but going to the docs is def the right thing to do, i had booked to go friday. At least they will be able to give you a better idea of whats going on save you worrying.
    I will be thinking of you, good luck let us know how you get on.x
  • hiya hun, just wanted to say it took 14days for my BFP to show up with my first xx
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